12 comments on “Syracuse Snowballs Their Way Into First Place

  1. Crysania, how about a compromise 😉 Here’s hoping that when the dogs have to be transported the roads are dry as on a hot sunny summers day. On the days when no dogs are being transported here’s hoping for several feet of snow :)

  2. Thanks Patrick! I love helping the dogs. I’d like to see less snow…it means less transports get canceled and more dogs get saved!

  3. Oh, and Sean I do get what you’re saying about the picture perfect scenery and it indeed can be the same for places around here.

  4. Crysania, NO, NO, NO. It’s ours, all ours. Hey BTW I was browsing around your site and that’s a really nice thing you do for the dogs :)

    Tom, I think it’s going to be an interesting season with a lot of lead changes. FWIW Tom, I didn’t delete your prediction post. I’m saving it for when I post mine on here. I have been waiting to hear back from the General but haven’t heard from him. Hopefully things are OK with him.

    Sean, only you could add the style that you do with a video. I love it and as for Vermont by the end of this season last season will be just a memory to them. Besides they don’t have a pop over 100,000. That said I know we did get our snow butts kicked last season by several other cities I believe with a pop over 100,000. I’ll have to look into it but maybe we can regain the title of the snowiest big city in North America 😉

  5. Just for the record, I turned on the Snow God on October 28.

    (This fact can be corroborated by going to Twitter and searching on: “Snow God”)

  6. Yeah, MM means they don’t have the reports :( I was going to do an early evening update too. This morning they reported Syracuse’s totals something like between 9:00 am – 10am which is out of the normal. Might not be until 1 am now to see the changes for Bingo and DaCuse.

  7. PSUSyr5, you need to stop reading my mind. I almost wrote that in the blog. Should we call it now or wait another 5 months but that would take all the fun out of it :) I think this season (of course I always do) we will have a new snow champion.

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