8 comments on “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

  1. Over here in Brooklyn, New York… seeing the weather maps earlier, how the snow line was approaching the city, but then retreated westward… so close yet so far! Haha, can’t wait to see our first flakes in the big apple, hopefully we’ll get something good going before Thanksgiving hits. Enjoy the triple digit seasonal snowfall, guys. Over here we make due with about 25 inches per winter, if that.

  2. One other thing is that Rochester is showing MM which means there hasn’t been a report updated. Also Albany has left out their snow section completely so who knows whether any snow is falling there.

  3. Anon, that’s a bummer. I would have thought that Johnson City would have been getting something.

    Syracuse will have something to show but it’s looking like Binghamton may be the first leader of the day. They are the first to report any snowfall. Right now officially they stand at 1.4 inches. Looking out the window I would guess about an inch or so but it may be less at the airport. It looks like the contest has begun :)

  4. I live in Johnson city, and this has been a very frustrating storm. It is early evening, and I have yet to see a flake from this so-called big storm. Even if you factor in elevation, I thought we’d have an inch or two down in the valley. However, we have had nothing but cold rain.

  5. Hey ZR, are the plows all tuned up??? I see that a lot of the higher elevations are getting some decent amts.

    I think anything we get will melt before anyone has a change to plow it. Nothing here in Da Cuse yet but it keeps trying with some pellets mixed in every now and then. I know we have been on the edge of the freezing rain/snow almost all day.

    I’m wondering how Binghamton or Albany is making out. Bingo may be the leader after this first snowfall.

  6. Areas of NY and PA are getting pounded! 2100' reporting 12.1" already in Northeast PA. Catskills & Poconos getting it. Too bad not here, I am jealous!

  7. Tom, isn’t that what I have, lol. I’m joking and thanks for the heads up. Man how time flies!!!

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