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  6. The reason Cleveland, OH’s snowfall totals are so low is due to the airport location. Cleveland’s airport is not in the Snow Belt. Same can be said about Buffalo. If Buffalo’s airport was located in Hamburg or West Seneca, Syracuse would have real competition with Buffalo each year.

  7. Grand Rapids, Mich., is at 97.8 inches for the season. Always a tough competitor, with lake-effect skills of its own.

  8. patrick, you see how the heavy snow just kinda sits over Bingo on the radar…well that is either due to my new invetion: a giant snow magnet…or more likely due to significant upslope enhancement on a SE wind. areas SW of binghamton are being down sloped(which dries the air out). id suspect Albany does decent…they may be downsloped off the catskills, or they maybe upsloped offthe bershires…its hard to tell how it will playout, id guess they get less snow than BIngo due to being at a lower elevation, but i may be wrong, depending on how much atlantic moisture can get into Albany. also on a side not i bet bgm airport ends up with under an inch..did u see how strong the winds were, i bet almost all the snow blew off their snowboard..so i guess it wont count 😉

  9. Anon, thanks for the suggestion and I just checked Cleveland, OH out. Right now they are at 46.8 inches which kind of surprised me. It seems like a lot of times when I’ve checked the radars this season they were getting snow. I would have figured them for having more than that.

    Mike, looking at the radar it seems like the snow is light to the SW of Bingo but when it gets to you it intensifies. Hopefully it will last to give you at least 6 inches. The airport too, lmao. One thing though it looks like Albany is on your snows path so it will be interesting to see what they do tonight. I haven’t been out tonight but a guess would be maybe a couple of inches in the Cuse area.

  10. patrick, its pounding down here. we have 4 inches so far, id expect 6 before were done.

  11. Cleveland, OH is a good size city which also gets alot of snow. Don’t know if its in the same snowfall league as upstate NY but it may be worth a look.

  12. Mike, I think your order for this clipper may be right. Here are my picks for the most snow without any totals.


    That said it looks like a just miss for Syracuse and Binghamton for a decent amt of snowfall

  13. No I don’t see it at all 😉 OK, I never did catch that one and most likely it has been pointed out in the past but I couldn’t find it but it’s fixed and thanks for pointing it out.

    Most likely there are many more mistakes to be found but we do appreciate when they are pointed out to us. I can barely speak English yet alone type it.

    Now onto years, year’s. Examples work fine here 😉

  14. Did anyone else ever notice that cities is missed spelled at the top of the page? It’s spelled in the possessive tense(city’s), rather than the multiple tense(cities). I think I noticed that during that years too. I mean year’s.

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