7 comments on “Point Blank Range Forecasts: Jan. 21-23, 2011

  1. Necromancer,
    get educated about things before you post something ignorant.
    I have no love for Al Gore at all, but CLIMATE CHANGE does in fact cause radical storms and cold. The warming of the oceans creates massive disruptions to the oceanic ecosystems, and with ocean currents altered and sea ice raising levels of the water, cold air meshing with above average ocean temps can create RADICAL weather………………..just like we are seeing.
    Take last year here in the south………..one of the coldest winters on record, and yet for the entire year it was the second WARMEST year as a whole.
    Don't be ignorant. Study science.

  2. Hey, it was good to see this chart online. I liked seeing the snow race chart in the paper, but now I am living in Florida and I don't see that posted online daly. So whoever is doing it, thanks a lot! and tell them at Syracuse.com to add it to their weather page!
    Stay warm..

  3. Ah, bad copy-paste on my part. That should have been "below 0" for GSB and "below freezing" for the Texas forecast on GSG. Fixing now, thanks for the notice!

  4. Come on, You should have said the HIGH temp will be below freezing this weekend. Of course the low will be below freezing this weekend. Just like almost any other winter weekend. Get brave!

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