4 comments on “Rochester and Buffalo Slipping in Some Snowflakes

  1. It seems that some ‘maven’ at the Post Standard took issue with the concept that downtown Syracuse gets less snow than the Hancock Airport.

    Mostly, a the basic reason for that is that when snow falls in the downtown area, is going to melt a lot faster, because the streets are warmer, there are buildings there that stifle the snow a bit. So, by the pure nature of things, the snow measuring is going to be influenced by those factors.
    Personally, it is my view downtown or airport; Syracuse is by far at the top of the list for total snowfall, this year and 99 years out of 97 years.

    • The airport has always been one of the controversies here Lewis and you brought up a couple of good points. IMO the chances are during most seasons that the airport probably does get a little more snow. That said there has been many of times when I have measured several inches more at my house which is a little south east of the airport than the airport was reporting. It comes down to it is what it is :)

    • You were right Roger. What has me a little nervous right now though is the National Snow Contest at http://www.goldensnowglobe.com . With Erie, Pa just a little over 3 inches behind Syracuse and Worcester, Mass 7 – 8 inches behind one of them may take the lead in that snow contest. If the forecasts are right, Worcester may be in the lead come the end of tomorrow.

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