11 comments on “Rochester Melts Away Some of Syracuse’s Lead

  1. I have right around 9 – 10 inches in the driveway right now. That would have been from the overnight too. If it comes down like it has been we should be over the foot mark I would think for the day.

    Rochester is pretty close to having their all time snowiest record. It's either 46.2 or 46.8. I'll have to look again. Right now or as of 4 PM you were at 43 for December :)

  2. Right after my last post the snow picked up here in Da Cuse. If the band shifts to the west a little we should get some decent snow.

    It looks like Buffalo is getting some including the airport. Are ya's?

  3. Anon, it's been snowing off and on in the Syracuse area too but the heavy bands just keep on missing us :( I've been watching the Buffalo area on the radar and the same is happening to you it looks like. The heavier bands around us have been either to the west, south or north of us :(

    depcdivr, all of the stats come from the National Weather Service out of Buffalo, NOAA which gets them from the airport. I just post what they report 😉

  4. Not sure where you are getting yopur buffalo numbers from but they had over 3ft in many places last week. You are only reporting 20 some odd inches for them. Something is not right there

  5. ugh we received almost a foot of snow just to the west of the city of buffalo,looks like the airport had really amounts lol 5.5!!!!!!

  6. I juts updated the Syr and Bing stats. I have a feeling that both Rochester and Buffalo may melt some more away. Of course one small band over Da Cuse and, well…. :))

  7. It is 9 PM right now and there is a lake effect band that is closing in on Rochester that has snow rates of 1-2 inches an hour … cant wait till that gets over the city and the airport… look out Syracuse here comes rochester

  8. Looks like the main band may focus on the airport longer than expected, so I am really looking forward to the numbers 12 & 24 hours from now. Should be fun. ROC out.

  9. The snow in Roc hasn't been as heavy as yesterday, but we've still had some heavy periods, and last night was pretty bad. If tonight is anything like that, that lead is going to be even smaller tomorrow =)

  10. Its been snowing at a decent clip here all day, from what I hear they are talking Georgian Bay Connection for about 10 hours tonight into tomorrow should we are expecting to really add to the totals, but it may be east of the Airport here in the ROC.

    We'll see, enjoy the day.

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