7 comments on “Rochester Over Takes Buffalo by A Snowflake

  1. Lol Jill, that’s right. The army was wiped out by a snow blower :) I read the other day that February was also one of our snowiest on records also Jill. What a difference between Jan and Feb. March should be interesting. It’s good to hear that Buffalo has mentioned the contest. They should have been running with the story when you had the lead most of the season :(

    General, I was thinking if Buffalo grabbed a 3 foot lead by January that they would of held on to it. I think you got right around a 25 – 30 inch lead a couple of times but just couldn’t add on to it. I still think the race is up for grabs but time is definitely running out.

    ZR, I’m just glad for you and the other snow mobilers and snow plowers that the winter wasn’t a complete bust. Thanks mostly to Feb. of course.

    Mark, Sre pretty much sums it up and I for one look forward to when Utica is in the contest. No doubt a more than Worthy opponent you would be.

    Sre, thanks :)

  2. Mark, pretty much, when the original contest started back in the 70s, Utica did not have a NWS office and therefore was not part of the contest. Last year there was a poll and discussion about putting Utica in, but I believe one of the problems was finding official data for the city. So, for the time being, it is not a part of the contest.

  3. Why isn’t Utica included in the Golden Snowball Contest?

    Utica is larger than Binghamton. Utica has population of 60,000. Binghamton has population of 46,000. Utica also gets more snow than Binghamton.

    So why is Utica left out? Why?

  4. Actually, they are claiming 3rd snowiest on record here in the ROC. Funny, December was the warmest and least snowiest on record!

  5. WBEN radio mentioned the contest this morning, which was fun to listen to – except they didn’t call it the Golden Snowball contest… they said something else that was way off and weird-sounding, but I can’t remember what exactly – but I knew what they were talking about :)

    They said that this was the 4th snowiest February (or was it season?) for Rochester, while being the 11th for Buffalo…

    And I agree with the General – our hopes get all built up at the beginning of the season only to deflate as we get closer and closer to April. I’m still counting on a late-season freak storm to put us ahead. Someone needs to plan a Communion party or an outdoor wedding or something in Buffalo to guarantee it 😛

  6. Sure Sure blame it on me! lol. Well at the morning update I do believe Buf will take back second by a tenth or two. Will probably be a back and forth battle for a while unless Roc can get some lake effect going.
    What always bugs me is that half our 80 inches this season, from Oct-Dec probably took 4 or 5 days to fall. Now the second half of the season it has probably snowed 40 of the last 50 days but we still only have 40 inches. If Buf can’t secure a solid lead by mid January its bust for us. We get the good storms early then the cold and everyday slick coating the second half of the winter.

    Still upsets me watching us build such a lead and seeing it just slip away as always.

    Sigh two more weeks and another winter is in the books.

  7. ~sigh~ or ARGH! I can’t decide which 😛

    And as for the General’s Snowman Army… weren’t they shredded by a snowblower? (ouch!)

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