4 comments on “Buffalo and Rochester’s Snow Season Totals

  1. Jill,

    Albany snuck some snow in during that V-Day storm and has been adding a little bit at a time to that. As for your plan to finish us off at the end. That would be the way to do it but I wonder if maybe that isn’t what Albany and Binghamton have in mind :) I use to hate the part about when the snow melts and leaves the mess. When I use to coach little league we could never get on the real fields in the spring with good reason of ruining them so we would have to find some empty lots normally still water logged and muddy which I hated. I just like the brightness that the snow on the ground puts off even on a cloudy day.


    I think we should of pushed the Quebec City challenge more. But just think about how we started off this season. Something like 15 inches in the beginning of January. I was too embarrassed to even think about bringing it back up but of course I should of known we would end up where we are now. I don’t think hitting 120 inches will be a problem.

    Binghamton definitely surprises me. Albany I expect it from. I thought after the wet summer and fall, flooding and all that Binghamton had they would of been over their average easily this season. I’m still thinking we have some Nor’easter events hiding and just waiting to strike this season which could help Bingo out big time.


    Props will be coming soon. I just posted the stats and haven’t blogged about the Great Rock City yet and WTG on passing Buffalo :)

  2. pat,

    the most striking thing to me is just how far binghamton and albany are behind their “normals.” it’s as if the mild weather never fully left those eastern cities, while the big great lakes towns have ended up with a ferocious finale to the season. i’d like to see syracuse get into the 120s, which is sort of the trheshold for big-time winters in big cities in north america (quebec city and the other canadian heavyweights average in the 120s).


  3. When did Albany hit 26 inches? Last I remember, they were at 2 inches or something like that!

    As for Buffalo, we’re just going to lay cool for a while… no sense in wearing ourselves out now with snow dances. That last weekend of April, we’ll see how much ground we have to make up and we’ll just have one storm take care of it all. Except for the 7 inches I got in my yard today. But driving around for work today, I don’t think they got that much at the airport :(

    I still want to keep at least a coating of snow on the ground, tho’. After that little thaw we had, everything turned to MUD. Ugh. At least with snow, it’s a lot easier to clean up the dog before letting her back in the house!

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