4 comments on “Rochester’s Snowflakes are Adding Up

  1. Pat,

    You've hit the nail on the head. "An oracle of what?" you ask? That's exactly the point: Oracles are like IT guys and gals at any company. Nobody knows exactly what they do, but everybody is afraid of NOT listening to them. So, I'd advise you to accept and affirm this designation as long as Kirst will give it to you. I'm sure everybody who reads his column figures you're some 300-lb guy in a plaid shirt with a long white beard who's a retired college professor. (Of course, I haven't seen you in a long time, so everything except the "professor" part might be right. I'm getting to that point myself!)



  2. Jason, I'll put my money on Rochester pulling ahead of Buffalo. Well, as long as Erie freezes over and I'm sure it's probably pretty much covered by now. LOL to the Just Because 😉

    Joe, an Oracle of what though? 😉
    It took me a few minutes to figure out who you were but then I went back and took a look at my emails. Great pictures you sent and I laughed again today when I saw the young love picture of Joey and Chris :) I think Sean better stop calling me the Oracle. It may go to my head one of these days.

  3. Pat!

    You are, indeed, an oracle. Glad to see you're finally getting recognized as such! Hope you got those pics I sent of our boys.



  4. Rochester is typically much stronger in the January-March months than Buffalo, so I'm assuming Rochester will pass Buffalo eventually.

    Just because I have to, Webster is at 66.5 inches for the year.

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