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  1. Most people complain about snow because they are LAZY and they see it as work, having to plow or shovel it, drive in it, brush it off the car, sometimes off their roofs, etc…People also complain about the cold, which is something that comes along with snow. Why do you think people leave NY state? Yeah the taxes are a bit excessive in some areas, but your living in NY, the Empire state, one of the most beautiful and diverse places on the planet! Well, actually most leave for warmer weather and move to NC, SC, FL, AZ, CA. They want the warm weather and to not have to deal with snowstorms. Snow is a natural beauty and it’s such an amazing phenomenon which fascinates me each time it occurs. One of the reasons I moved to Syracuse area for the snow. It’s so pure and adds such beauty to the landscape. It’s actually a good thing that the snow keeps people away, (even my family will not visit during the winter months, as they think it’s like the north pole here December through March), as it keeps Syracuse’s population under control. The city has grown steadily over the past few years and will continue to grow over the next decade. I would not want the pop. here to rise to 450,000, it would be too crowded and jobs would be harder to get and real estate would sky rocket. Thank you, snow, for keeping Syracuse a nice, smaller city, beautiful place to live!!

    • Frank, I’m with you when it comes to the snow. I guess I take after my dad when he was alive. He would just sit by the window and watch a decent storm and watch the cars trying to make it up the hill sliding all over the place. The tires & road crews weren’t as good back then. During a decent storm people could be driving by my house at 1:00 am and see me out there shoveling. Nothing like being out when no one is around during a good snow storm. Just so peaceful! A lot of the time I’ll jump in the car after and take a short ride just to get in the middle of it when the roads are empty 😉

      Two of my kids moved to a couple of the states you mentioned. My son is in Tucson, AZ and my daughter moved to SC. Unfortunately they both love where they are :(

  2. Good day all –

    – I lived in Syracuse for one winter – LOTS of snow. I really liked the city and looked forward to being there a bit longer. I had no car while there, but did use a friends about once a week. I’ve waited for the bus, outside, in below zero temps, I noticed sundown before 3 in the afternoon. The population was about 175,000 at the time. The city had dropped to as little as 125,000 it was reported and now is about 140,000.

    — I guess you promote what you have, in hand, to promote.

    — Then I lived in Fresno, California for about three years. The city was virtually the same size in population back then – about 175,000. Fresno is now over 450,000 – and has NO snow. Hmmm. Although that ‘Tule Fog’ is cold, damp, and nearly opaque – it ain’t snow. Is that what prompted the growth of one over the other. I have no idea – both great places to live I think.

    — I also lived a bit North of Worchester – also with no car – and drifts of snow (and snow plow mounds) of nearly 9′. Wandered Boston on many weekends for yet another winter.

    — Now I live in Phoenix – again. When we drove into Phoenix the welcome sign said Population 93,000 – ! Now the Metro area is about 4.5 million. We had snow (that stayed on the ground for over a day) just a few days ago. An extremely rare event. Quite a few years ago the Chamber of Commerce chose a slogan to promote Phoenix … Phoenix is HOT! (yes they did). We now have days where our streets exceed 160-170 degrees at the surface, and 130+ on grass – and nearing lows of 100 at night. People keep moving here – no snow, no hurricanes, no tornadoes – just that dry heat. Funny.

    • “I guess you promote what you have, in hand, to promote.” Well said Barry!!!

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