Sites Back Up and So Is Rochester’s Snow

First off Thanks for the donation Cynthia B.  It’s very much appreciated :)

Thanks to Jan also for the info and lnk on Lake Erie :)   Here is how Lake Erie is looking  Jan metioned that Lake Erie is still mostly in the mid 30s, with a few edges frozen over which the map shows:

Some of you may have noticed that the website was down for a day or so.  Sorry about that and hopefully it’s up for awhile now.  It still may not be up in some parts of the state or country but hopefully by the end of the day everyone can get to it again.  Thanks Barry for the heads up on it also.  I’m just able to get on now and update the snow stats.

While we were down here Rochester made their move.  Not enough to catch Syracuse yet but they slid past Binghamton to move into second place on the snow hill.  WTG Rochester.  Most of the cities are just a storm or two away from taken the lead from Syracuse and now it’s just a matter of which city will step up first.

I think we all know that sooner or later Buffalo will make some kind of move to the top ;)   I think they better make it sooner rather than later before their Lake Effect Machine freezes over with this Arctic cold air around.  Does anyone know how much of the lakes have frozen over yet?

Have an awesome weekend Everyone!

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