Buffalo Second City to Show a Trace of Snowfall

Buffalo is now on the board with a trace of snow from a couple of weeks ago. Keep in mind though that a trace of snow doesn’t count as measurable snow. Once one of the cities get at least a tenth of an inch of snow the 2014 – 2015 Golden Snowball Contest will begin. Does anyone have any guesses as to which city you think will start of the snow contest this season?

If my memory serves me right and believe me it never does, I think every city in the contest may have started the contest off in past seasons. I’ll have to look back on that to see if Albany has ever started a the Golden Snowball contest off. It’s hard to even think of snow yet when the temperatures in most of New York have been unseasonably warmer than normal the last few days. Unfortunately that will be changing in the next few days and most of us will be dropping down to below normal temperatures.

Buffalo and Binghamton are both below their average snowfall for the season already. Just find that sort of funny for some reason. Buffalo on average, if there is a such thing as average or normal for NY snow should have 0.3 inches of snow and Binghamton should have 0.1 inches. They are slacking this season ;) It will be interesting after last season if Buffalo can play hardball again and pile on some decent snow totals this season too.

I did an update on the National Snow Contest site and none of the snowiest big cities in the country have started the Golden Snow Globe contest off yet either. Quite a few of the cities are showing a trace of snow so far but as of a couple of days ago none are reporting any measurable snowfall yet. I think within the next several days that contest will be starting up and maybe this one too. You can check those out here at The National Snow Contest.

Have an Awesome Day Eveyone :)

Happy Spring All BUT The Snow Contest Goes On

Hey, some good news for you snow haters. In just a couple of hours you can look out the window and say Goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring. The bad news is that the snow contest lives on for the main fact that we will probably be getting more snow ;) But wait, there is more good news. The days start getting longer than the nights do now, Wooo Hooo ;)

Syracuse only has less than an 8 inch lead on Buffalo right now so even if we could it would be way too early to call it when it’s this close. Buffalo could slide past Syracuse with one decent storm and I don’t think we are done with the storms just yet. There was one the other day that hit the South but it didn’t come North enough to effect us.

It is the first day of Spring though so we know what is right around the corner. Most likely a long HOT summer and me whining about how hot it is every minute of the day. I’m joking, kind of ;) I’m looking forward to hanging by the pool sipping on a Margarita errr, I mean soda pop and the smell of fresh cut grass…

Have an Awesome Day Everyone!

Buffalo Hanging Tough with Current Snow King Syracuse

Updated 2/27 6:00 PM - Buffalo took this last round and closed in on the 6 inch lead that Syracuse had.  As of right now Buffalo only trails last seasons snow champ by 2 inches.  It doesn’t get much closer than that.  Go Buffalo :)


Syracuse has added a few more snowflakes to their snow totals but Buffalo doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Right now it’s just a 6 inch lead for the defending snow champs Syracuse which we all know is nothing at this time in the snow season. That lead could change with just one snow event hitting Buffalo and missing Syracuse. Unfortunately for Buffalo is that they have been stuck at 99.1 inches for awhile now. The same thing happened to Syracuse when they were stuck at 99.9 inches.

One thing that has stood out the last couple of updates is the difference in snow totals for all of the cities from this snow season to last seasons. Buffalo, Binghamton and Albany really stand out and what a difference a season makes. Buffalo as of today has 99.1 inches of snow compared to last season at this time when they had only 47.6 inches. That’s 51.5 inches of snow more than they did this time last season. What they are over so far is more than what Buffalo had last season :) Plus Buffalo is 22 inches over their normal snow totals for this date.

Albany and Binghamton both stand out also. Albany has 37.9 inches of snow more than this time last season and Binghamton has 31.6 inches more than last season. Both cities are also just about 20 inches over their normal snowfall to date. Syracuse and Rochester are right around their normal snowfall for this time in the season give or take a few inches.

I was reading around the NOAA website and it’s looking like the long term, next 10 days or so are suppose to be colder than normal. Just what we want to hear huh? Plus I was reading something about some possible storms for the beginning of March. It’s way too early for the National Weather Service to predict that far out but as we get closer to March it may get interesting in the Golden Snowball contest. Is anyone ready for Spring yet? Hopefully come April ;)

Have a Great Day All :)

Exactly 100 Inches of Snow for Syracuse So Far

Just a quick post that Syracuse has hit the 100 inch mark this season. 100.0 inches to be exact. Buffalo is still staying close to Syracuse and added another couple of inches. I think the question now is where the heck is Rochester this season? Rochester is always right up there but for some reason just can’t get it going yet.

I think it’s time for a few of you in Rochester to do a snow dance to see if you can get the snow flying again. There is still enough time to make a run for the King of the Snow Hill but time is slowly running out. Have a Great Night All!

Will Buffalo Stay King of The Snow Hill

Things are starting to get interesting as far as the Golden Snowball contest goes. I’m looking at anywhere between 8-12 inches of new snow in my driveway right now which is a little east of the airport. It will be interesting to see if the airport received as much as we did in the Syracuse area. If so it’s going to be a close snow contest at the top.

The new totals don’t include any overnight snow I believe so they will/should be going up a little later when some new snow stats come out from the National Weather Service. Binghamton managed to slip by Rochester with this last storm and to be honest I was surprised that Rochester had some snow to report. The chances are that the storm made it far enough to the west to give them a little snow. Just a couple of days back it didn’t even look like the storm was going to be west enough for Syracuse to get in on it yet a lone Rochester.

I’m guessing that Albany, Binghamton and Syracuse will make out the best with this recent storm and like I mentioned we will find out later when the new snow stats come out. Here is what is being reported so far which is for yesterday.

Albany – 5.6
Binghamton – 4.3
Syracuse – 4.1
Rochester – 1.9
Buffalo – Trace

Stay Tuned and look for another update come later in the day. See Snow – Drive Slow – Stay safe all ;)

Buffalo Remains Snowiest City But Syracuse Chipping Away

First off a Big Shout Out to the Syracuse men’s basketball team for pulling off another unbelievable come from behind victory once again against Pittsburgh. For those of you who were lucky enough to catch the game you can relate to it doesn’t get any better than that. WTG Syracuse, keep it going and Thanks for the exciting season so far :)

Speaking of a come from behind victory that’s what it’s going to take to knock Buffalo off the top of the snow hill. Buffalo has been sitting up there for awhile now just looking down on the rest of us. Syracuse has been chipping away at Buffalo’s lead the last week or so to bring Buffalo’s lead to less than a foot of snow now. With the storm that’s going on to the east it will be interesting to see if Syracuse can at least tap into a couple inches of snow from it. Buffalo is currently ahead by 9 inches of snow over 2d place Syracuse.

Right now it’s looking like Albany and probably Binghamton will make out the best from this storm that’s going on right now. My grandson who is down in the Carolina’s is at least getting to have some fun in the snow :) He’s been out in the snow a couple of times here but normally when they visit the timing hasn’t been great for any decent snow. The last storm they got down in the south he got out in it and learned that snow is really cold by falling face first in it. I think he’s learned ;)

One other note is that a visitor suggested that I start putting the time when I post the stats which I thought was a great idea. I normally do if I am doing several updates during a storm but not every day. Anyways providing I remember I will put the time of the update at the top of the snow stats where I have it right now. This kind of gives you an idea if the stats were just from the previous day or if some of the current days snow stats were added too. Normally any of the updates before 5 – 6 PM only include the previous days snow totals. Obviously I try to get a couple updates in a day if I see it is snowing in one of the cities. Stay Tuned, it should be interesting to see how the cities lineup when this storm to the east is over. It is sooo close but yet sooo far away :(

Have a Great Day All!

Buffalo is Still King of The Snow Hill

1/26/14 Update - Just a quick post that even a frozen Lake Erie isn’t slowing Buffalo down.  Buffalo continues to add to their snow totals and are now just over a foot of snow ahead of the next snowiest city, Syracuse.  WTG Buffalo ;)


Buffalo is still hanging tough on top of the Golden Snowball snow hill but things could start to change. Looking at some graphs and pictures it looks like Lake Erie has frozen over. In other words it looks like Buffalo’s lake effect machine has just about run out of gas. I’m still adding to their snow totals though so they are still picking up some snow and just enough to keep ahead of the rest of the GSB cities.

All of the Great Lakes seem to have more ice than normal but keep in mind I’m normally clueless. Lake Ontario looks to be wide open and should stay that way other than the east side of the lake. Lake effect snow is in the forecast tonight for some of the cities and lets hope it pans out this time. It’s been too quiet lately and a little too cold for my liking. I think I would rather have the mid 20′s with snow than this Artic air and no snow. Just my opinion of course ;)

Where has Rochester been this season? Right now they are sitting just one spot ahead of Albany. Just one storm away from going to the bottom of the snow hill. Come on Rochester, let’s pick it up a bit and start piling on some snow. I think it’s time for some of you folks in Rochester to do a snow dance. This guy here is getting ready to do one for the Syracuse area and it will be in the next day or two.

In the National snow contest at www.goldensnowglobe.com Erie, PA is holding on to a pretty good lead right now and right behind them is Buffalo, NY. Erie’s days on the top of the snow mountain could be numbered also seeing how Lake Erie is also their main source of lake effect snow. I think the next week or so is going to get interesting, or at least I am hoping it does.

Have a Great Day All and LET’S GO SYRACUSE ORANGE!!!

Binghamton Snows Past Rochester and Syracuse Basketball

First off, way to go to the Syracuse basketball team taking on UNC earlier and pulling off another victory. SU is still undefeated and ranked number 10 in the country. They had no problem today controlling UNC most of the game other than the very beginning. Wouldn’t it really be a shame if Arizona lost tomorrow?  AZ is currently ranked number 1 in the country and of course a loss would most likely put Syracuse in the number 1 spot. Hey, if we can’t do it here in the Golden Snowball contest we may as well do it in basketball ;) Congrats SU and keep the streak going!

Oh yeah, snow. All of the cities had some snow to report since the last update and Binghamton added enough snow to slip past Rochester to take over the number 3 spot on the snow mountain. Binghamton has been hanging with the big 3 all season moving up and down on the snow hill. I’m sure Rochester will get things going sometime soon though and the question is which city will be the one to give Buffalo a run for their money?

Buffalo did close in on Erie, PA in the National snow contest and moved up to the number 2 spot on the snow mountain the last time I updated that site. I may get a top 10 update in tonight on the snowiest big city website if nothing comes up.

As much as I hate to see rain I have to admit that I didn’t mind the 50 degree weather today :) Have an Awesome Weekend All..

Syracuse Sneaks Past Rochester for The Lead

First off a big Thanks to Brian N for your donation to the site.  It means a lot and helps out a lot also.  Thanks Brian :)

It was Buffalo by a flake a couple of days ago then Rochester slipped past them for the lead and as of now it’s Syracuse on top of the snow hill.  WTG Syracuse :)

What is really standing out right now other than all of the lead changes and how close the snow contest is so far is Albany.  Look at Albany’s totals so far for the season, about double their normal snow totals for this time of year and more than 16 inches above what they had last season at this time.  No doubt it would be a shocker if Albany ever won the contest ;)

It’s been snowing off and on here in the Syracuse area so there will be more snow to add to their totals.  Is any of the other cities getting snow?

Have a Great Day All – See Snow, Drive Slow ;)

Rochester Slides Past Syracuse in Golden Snowball Contest

Rochester picked up 3.7 inches of snow yesterday which was enough for them to slip past Syracuse for the top spot on the snow hill.  Way to go Rochester :)   Snow is in the air and will be for at least the next couple of days so the snow contest will get interesting.

All of the Golden Snowball cities except for Syracuse received measurable snowfall yesterday including Albany which had 0,6 inches of new snow.  Buffalo got 1.1 inches but Binghamton grabbed 1.7 inches of snow yesterday which was enough to keep them just ahead of Buffalo on the snow hill.  Just a trace for Syracuse.

With the Lake Effect Machine already cranked up and dumping a lot of snow to the North it should be a good snowball fight this week between the GSB cities for the top spot.  I’ll be posting the snow stats as they come in from the National Weather Service and as always, See Snow, Drive Slow!

Have a Great Day All ;)