Snow Dance Done Ut Oh Could Be Snow

Last Friday I was just relaxing and started thinking about the contest this season and how good it’s looking for Rochester hosting the Golden Snowball trophy for a year.  For the last several years I’ve been kind of hoping that one of the other cities other than Syracuse would step up and take the trophy from Da’Cuse.  Let’s face it, the contest gets a little bit boring when it’s the same city winning it every season.  Then I started thinking, nahhh, let’s keep it here.

I started thinking that hey, we aren’t going down at least not without a snowball fight to keep the trophy here in Syracuse.  So I did it.  OK, so I confess!  I did a snow dance :(  I did one last LITTLE snow dance geared at getting some cold air back into CNY.  OK, not CNY but into Syracuse and I even tried to get it to just hit the airport.  That way if it works I wouldn’t get a lot of hate mail and have the neighbors turn against me and start throwing snowballs at the house ;)   I really do have a neighbor who blames me and the contest every time it snows.

Anyways it looks like there is a chance for some snow come sometime Friday night & Early Saturday.  From reading around right now it doesn’t look like it will be much snow and sounds like it will be to the south.  This may give Binghamton a chance to gain a little ground on the snow hill.  It could get interesting if something changes and this Storm system gets a little stronger.

Hey it is still March folks and it’s not over until the fat man sings and I’m not singing yet :)

Have a Super Snowy Weekend All ;)

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