Happy Spring 2012 – The Snow Contest Lives On

First off you might see some articles today saying the Golden Snowball contest is over.  The contest doesn’t end the first day of Spring and fortunately/unfortunately depending how you look at it goes on til the end of April when the chances of no more snow falling are pretty good. 

Happy Spring all!!!  Normally I would say something like Hello Spring – Goodbye Winter but it just doesn’t seem right this year does it?  It’s hard to say goodbye to something that never showed up in the first place.  The sound of Spring does sound pretty good though and it will be interesting to see if we can stay on whatever pattern we are on right now.  The one that’s brought us unbelievable weather throughout the winter months and has set records all over the charts.  Not the good kind of records that those who snomobiler’s, ice fishermen or ski resorts like but the kind that those who hate winter love.

Rochester continues to lead the contest but I’m not throwing in the shovel just yet.  It is looking pretty good for The Rock but with a winter like we just had, a snow season that I can not remember ever having who knows what spring wil throw at us.  Right now it’s some nice sunny 70 – 80 degree days which is hard for even us snow lovers not to appreciate.  Stay Tuned!

Here are a couple of good articles.  One about this being the earliest vernal equinox, spring since 1896  and another from Syracuse .com’s John Mariani about the winter that never was.

Have a Great week all and enjoy the sunshine :)

3 thoughts on “Happy Spring 2012 – The Snow Contest Lives On

  1. Anyone got Dennis Haysbert’s phone number? I heard this Allstate commercial today and he is talking about this competition, but he says something like “Syracuse is again in the lead and has the best shot at winning”. I guess they looked at the odds when they made that commercial who knows how long ago. So Rochester is finally in the lead and has a shot at wining and Allstate runs a big radio ad about syracuse looking to win. Figures!

    • Too Funny ZR :) I’ve gotten a lot of emails about people hearing the commercial but I still haven’t heard it yet. They contacted me probably about a month or so ago wanting me to sign a waver but I really didn’t like the wording in it. I told them I had no problem with them running the comercials. I think they are running 5 different ones in each of the cities ZR. I wonder if the time they came up with the idea Syracuse was winning? They are probably ticking a bunch of Rochesterians off with the commercial :( I’ll try getting in touch with the guy who contacted me and let him know. Don’t know if they would change the commercial or maybe pull it.

      • I am sure they wouldn’t, I just found it surprising to hear him mention the contest, then even funnier they had it wrong!