3 comments on “Happy Spring 2012 – The Snow Contest Lives On

  1. Anyone got Dennis Haysbert’s phone number? I heard this Allstate commercial today and he is talking about this competition, but he says something like “Syracuse is again in the lead and has the best shot at winning”. I guess they looked at the odds when they made that commercial who knows how long ago. So Rochester is finally in the lead and has a shot at wining and Allstate runs a big radio ad about syracuse looking to win. Figures!

    • Too Funny ZR :) I’ve gotten a lot of emails about people hearing the commercial but I still haven’t heard it yet. They contacted me probably about a month or so ago wanting me to sign a waver but I really didn’t like the wording in it. I told them I had no problem with them running the comercials. I think they are running 5 different ones in each of the cities ZR. I wonder if the time they came up with the idea Syracuse was winning? They are probably ticking a bunch of Rochesterians off with the commercial :( I’ll try getting in touch with the guy who contacted me and let him know. Don’t know if they would change the commercial or maybe pull it.

      • I am sure they wouldn’t, I just found it surprising to hear him mention the contest, then even funnier they had it wrong!

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