4 comments on “Snowfall Stats Updated Tonight

  1. Hey Pam, sorry I missed your post. Is the plane ticket in the mail for me to come down there and fill in for the Golf tournament. I still haven’t put my clubs up for the winter yet.

    I’ve been reading about some flocks of Robins being seen around the area here. I better pick up my birdbath that blew over during one of our wind storms we received a few weeks back.

    I’ve been keeping up with the Diello site and it seems like a lot of them are abandoning our area and heading south. I’ll have to get down there for a visit and a good dice game one of these days. Say hi to the family. As for my predictions it better start snowing or I’ll be wayyyy off. Cheers!!!

  2. Alright Patrick, you’re getting those totals above average, where they belong for Syracuse. You’re right on track for your predictions. Stay warm dude. Spring is coming – tulips and grass are growing in North Carolina. We sent the robins your way over this past weekend. We do need a 4th on Sunday for the best ball tournament, you available? Keep the faith, Cousins Mike and Pam, North Kakilacki.

  3. friday and saturday look good for a general 2-5 inches across all of the gsb cities. i dont want to go any higher than that…for obvious reasons lol, but the potential is there for more than that, esp in syracuse…if the les can get going after the storm on saturday, and knowing this season……;)

  4. patrick, ha, i bet they did do it on purpose lol. this season feels so bad down here in bingo, we have been getting beat in different ways all season by albany. i cant remeber a year in which Albany did so well so late. usually they are just gone by now, 20 inches behind or something….

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