11 comments on “Syracuse Wins The 2008 – 2009 Golden Snowball Award

  1. Hey General 😉 Yeah it is hard to realize it isn't it. The weather hasn't been too nice here in Da Cuse the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping we get back to the 70's for a little while at least before the white gold starts to fly :)

  2. ZR, no, No, NOOOOOO!!! Jeeesh, where did the summer go? I will be making a post hopefully in the next few days as you mentioned to kick off the new snow season. Hopefully there won't be any snow to report though 😉

    That said I have been thinking about something else so maybe an announcement will be in the near future also. Something I still haven't decided on yet though 😉 Good to hear from you ZR after a halfway decent summer.

    Pam and Mike, Unfortunately the cruise probably won't happen for me. No doubt I will be missing a super good time with all of you :(

  3. Syracuse wins??? Never a doubt. Now on to SU football. Patrick, you should a note in your in-box about the family cruise in July 2010, but you'll need to react quickly. Hopefully you did receive the initial note, so at least its not new news! We're planning on being in the dome for the home opener – GO ORANGEMEN!
    Cousin Pammy and Mike.

  4. bibliochef, the cities used are the original ones that were int the contest when it started back in the late 70's. When the contest was started up again I decided to keep the original ones.

    Is cooking with ideas your website? I just checked it out and love it. Nice Site 😉

  5. I’m not sure which makes me happier, that Syracuse won again, or that summer is almost here.

  6. Stupid March!

    And those of us with allergies will passionately disagree with you about the smell of fresh cut grass. *sniff* *cough* *hatchoo*

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