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With snowfall totals being well below average this season, and last Winter being well above average, I thought I’d take a look at combining the two years. Here are the “to date” totals for this year and last year, as of 3/2:

Albany: 22.8 (77.5 last year)
Binghamton: 37.0 (87.1)
Buffalo: 34.2 (97.5)
Rochester: 52.4 (111.9)
Syracuse: 44.1 (160.1)

And here are the averages for the 2 years:
Albany: 50.15
Binghamton: 62.05
Buffalo: 65.85
Rochester: 82.15
Syracuse: 102.1

Finally, here are the 30 year averages to date, again as of 3/2:
Albany: 46.9
Binghamton: 62.1
Buffalo: 79.3
Rochester: 79.6
Syracuse: 102.7

All but Buffalo have their two year averages within 4 inches of the 30 year average. In fact, the 2 year average for Binghamton and Syracuse are within an inch of the 30 year average!

So, while last Winter was snow-filled and this one is snow-less, when you combine the two, it’s just been average.

Hey, have a great rest of the weekend everyone!