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First off a BIG Thanks to Margaret S. for your kind donation to the site.  I can never say it enough times how much they are appreciated, help and mean to me.  Thank You Margaret :)


Syracuse has added a few snowflakes to widen their lead on second place Buffalo.  Syracuse now leads by 7.2 inches as of the last update.  Don’t worry Buffalo fans, there is still plenty of time left to catch Syracuse and win the Golden Snowball trophy.  It seems like every time I look at the radar something is falling in Buffalo.  Hopefully they keep the pressure on Syracuse.  Buffalo is also doing good this season in the National Snow Contest Here.

Rochester managed to slip and slide past Binghamton the last update and are now in third place. I want to say that Rochester is having a bad year as far as snow goes but they are actually over their average snow totals for where they should be for this time in the season.

Now while I was sleeping and I don’t know how I missed this Buffalo and Albany slid past what their snow totals for the entire season. Buffalo has 106.1 inches of snow right now and what they get on average for the entire season is 94.7. Albany is at 65.2 right now and their entire season averages 59.1. Way to go Buffalo and Albany on being the first cities to go over you seasonal totals. Binghamton most likely is next needing only 0.8 inches to pass their normal. Of course this season I don’t think anything has been too normal across the country as far as snow and cold goes.

Ignore the below post. We should be good for now. The site was down for a couple of days but I was able to get it back up and running. Won’t be long before we start up the 2013 – 2014 snow contest 😉

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Just a heads up that both the Golden Snowball site and The Golden Snow Globe site may be out of commission for several days. I’ll get both of them back up as soon as possible. I’m in the process of moving and have had to prioritize some expenses. They shouldn’t be down for too long and I don’t think we will see any snow in the near future although it feels like it is ready to snow out right now. BRRRRR!

Have an Awesome Week All :)

First Off – Thank You Susan R. for your donation to the website.  It’s appreciated and helps a lot :)

Syracuse added quite a few snowflakes to their lead over 2nd place Rochester and also set a date record for Tuesday, 4/2/13.  Syracuse picked up 10.5 inches of snow yesterday breaking the old date record of 1.4 inches back in 1991.  Syracuse also has a shot at breaking their all time snow total record for the month of April which is 16.4 inches back in 1983 if it continues for a day or two.  I think if they don’t break it by tonight I’m just about ready to say no problem, let’s move onto Spring.

Sean Kirst, journalist for the Post Standard and put out a good article about this last late season snowfall in Syracuse and also how it helped them overtake Worcester, MA and Erie, PA in the national snow contest.  Check out Sean’s article at here at

For some reason I’m starting be one of the most hated person on my facebook page.  I’m talking my page that is all family and friends.  Every time it snow I get posts like cut the crap Pat, enough already Pat, You better not do another snow dance, and a bunch of other posts on my facebook page and this is family also.  It’s like my snow dances really have an effect on the weather 😉  OK, they really do and I did do one that ticked a bunch of people off but now that Syracuse has the lead in both the Golden Snowball Contest and the National Golden Snow Globe Contest I can finally do a Spring dance.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do a spring ballet dance just to prove that I really am a team player.  Nah, that isn’t happening 😉

My neighbor across the street even called and said enough.  She mentioned that I was or the snow was going to kill all of her flowers that just started to spring up.  I told her just let us get ahead of Worcester, Mass and that will be the end of me wishing for more snow.  Plus I told her that her flowers will be fine, that they are New Yorkers and they can handle it.  We all made it through another winter/spring in New York and I suppose even I have to say that it’s time to move on to our Spring season.  What’s left of it anyways 😉

Have a SUPER SNOWLESS Week Everyone :)

From our family to yours, We wish you a happy, prosperous and more importantly a healthy New Year.  Happy New Year Everyone :)

I think I may need to put up a thank you page for the donations.  Golden Snowball received it’s second donation ever :)  The first was several years back when I went to the mail and there was a letter that had $5.00 in it.  I still have that letter some where in the house.  It was from someone named Pat and it said to have a beer and some wings on them.  I thought that was so cool.

A few weeks ago I added some Pay Pal Donate links to the site in hopes of off setting some of the costs of the website, not to mention the time that is put into the site.  Well I just looked at my pay pal account and saw the first donation was made.  It’s nice to be appreciated and was a great way to start the New Year off.

Thanks Alison for the donation, it’s appreciated.

Have a Safe Happy New Year Everyone 😉