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I’ve been updating my Halloween inflatables and yard blowups sites the last week or so and noticed there seems to be more new ones for 2013 than a normal season.  I know it’s too early to start thinking about Halloween but it takes me awhile to update the sites plus the smart shoppers buy their Gemmy Halloween blowups early.  The reason is because the good ones always sell out fast and normally there is a limited supply of all of the styles of airblown yard blowups.

Anyways this year there are some pretty cool Halloween inflatable blowups for the 2013 season.  Some of the products I added to my site are the new airblown neon Halloween inflatables which both Walmart and Spirit Halloween carry online.  My guess is that these airblown inflatables for the yard will most likely be the best sellers this season and will be the first to sell out.  Right now there are only a few different neon inflatables but we will add more as we get them from the merchants.  Below is an example of the neon Halloween blow ups.

New 2013 Neon Inflatable Halloween Blowups

 Click Here for the Neon Halloween Yard Blowups

You can compare prices but make sure you also consider the coupons we have on the site when doing so.  Like right now the Sprit Halloween coupon I think is for 20% off any one item in your shopping cart.  On the other hand Walmart always has free site to store shipping on their Halloween inflatable products so make sure you weigh out which one is the best deal.

A few of the other cool inflatables for Halloween are the rat in the trap and the animated Halloween stage coach.

Rat in the Trap Inflatable 

Rat in Trap Animated Airblown Inflatable

 The Haunted Halloween Skeleton Stage Coach Blowup

Scary Haunted Stage Coach Halloween Inflatables

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Skeleton Stagecoach Airblown Inflatable

If you’re looking for some cool airblown Gemmy Halloween archways for your yard we have a few of them too.  These are great decorations for your yard and look great if you can put them right in front of the door for the kids to go under.  Our personal favorite this season is the scary cat inflatable archway which Is below.  Just click on it to check out a few of them!

Scary Black Cat Inflatable Archway Blowups 

There are quite a few new Halloween blowups this season and as we get them we will add them to our site at www.halloweenblowups.com .  One thing to keep in mind is like we mentioned, the good Halloween yard decorations sell out fast.  Some of them do however come back in stock as the season gets closer but not always.  Most of the Walmart inflatables for Halloween and Christmas that that walmart carries are only available online.  The same goes for the Spirit Halloween blowups.  You can check out all of the new airblown Halloween and Christmas Inflatable Blowups for 2013 below.

Click Here for All the New 2013 Airblown Halloween Inflatable Blowups

Yes, just another shameless plug while we wait for the snow season for Halloween from the Golden Snowman.  Hey, it helps pay the websites bills so what can we say other than have a great day :)

I just updated our Halloween inflatables site and there are several new ones out this season.  Some of the Halloween yard blowups are pretty cool too.  Right now we have outdoor inflatables from 3 different merchants including Walmart, Spirit Halloween and Buycostumes to give you one of the largest selections online.

For the best results you can just browse through the Halloween products until you find one you like.  Keep in mind and this isn’t a sales pitch, they do sell out fast from here on, especially the new popular Halloween inflatables. 

Anyways, check them out here at Halloween Inflatables.