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UPDATED – I just heard from our national weather service and it looks like Syracuse picked up only 3 tenths of an inch so far this season.  Let’s see how the overnight

The snow stats have just been updated but as of around 5PM Syracuse hasn’t reported their totals yet for the day. There is a good chance the lineup may change come the next updated later this evening come the next update.  I was surprised that Buffalo was just showing a trace still thinking that the band that went to the south of them this morning must have dropped some measurable snowfall.  We’ll see how it all turns out come tomorrow.

Here in the Syracuse area it’s been pretty blustery most of the day.  Snowflakes have been falling off and on most of the day but so far other than this morning not much to talk about as far as snow totals go.  For myself, today has seemd the coldest day so far this season mainly because the temps are low and the wind has been blowing pretty good.

If I’m around later I’ll try to update the stats again to see how all of the cities stand on our snow mountain.  I have a feeling that Binghamton is going to stay on top but after that it should be interesting 😉

Have a Super Night All and watch out for some black ice tonight.  See Snow – Drive Slow