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PM Update – Well Rochester’s move into 3rd place was short lived.  The 5pm stats just came out and Buffalo had just enough to move back into 3rd.  Syracuse is showing another 3.2 inches for today so far which puts them over the one foot mark for the 2012 – 2013 snow season.  It’s looking like a white Christmas for a few of the cities :)


Syracuse was able to claim the top spot on the snow hill picking up 7.6 inches of snow yesterday and a few more inches today.  Last seasons snow champ Rochester knocked Buffalo down a spot with their 4.3 inches of snowfall. Looking at the forecast for the next week or so it looks like there could be a lot of changes coming up in the lineup.

I don’t think the overnight snow totals are added in the stats we just posted so chances are the totals should be going up a little higher.  Yesterday was an awesome day here in the Syracuse area as far as the snow goes.  IMO there is nothing like a decent amount of snow along with some pretty gusty winds and I couldn’t wait to get out in it yesterday and last night.  It was nice hearing the sound of the snow plow dropping the blade at around 4:32 in the morning.  It was also nice to see the sleds at my local watering hole last night 😉  I’ll try to get another update in later on when the stats come in.

Have a great day everyone :)

UPDATED – I just heard from our national weather service and it looks like Syracuse picked up only 3 tenths of an inch so far this season.  Let’s see how the overnight

The snow stats have just been updated but as of around 5PM Syracuse hasn’t reported their totals yet for the day. There is a good chance the lineup may change come the next updated later this evening come the next update.  I was surprised that Buffalo was just showing a trace still thinking that the band that went to the south of them this morning must have dropped some measurable snowfall.  We’ll see how it all turns out come tomorrow.

Here in the Syracuse area it’s been pretty blustery most of the day.  Snowflakes have been falling off and on most of the day but so far other than this morning not much to talk about as far as snow totals go.  For myself, today has seemd the coldest day so far this season mainly because the temps are low and the wind has been blowing pretty good.

If I’m around later I’ll try to update the stats again to see how all of the cities stand on our snow mountain.  I have a feeling that Binghamton is going to stay on top but after that it should be interesting 😉

Have a Super Night All and watch out for some black ice tonight.  See Snow – Drive Slow

Yesterday was the end of a few streaks for Syracuse as the official count for the day was exactly 1 inch. It had been almost 270 days since Syracuse last had at least an inch of snowfall, that’s the 5th longest streak since 1902! The longest such streak was in 2009, at 287 days. Credit to

In addition, it is tied for the 2nd latest inch of snowfall in a season since 1902. The other time that the first inch of snowfall took place on December 17th was in 1922! The latest was back in 1998, when it wasn’t until December 22nd when an inch of snow finally fell in Syracuse. Thanks to Julia Weiden from WSYR-TV for the information.

According to stats that I have been able to find on the NWS climate page, Syracuse’s least snowy December (since 1950) was in 1994, with 5.9 inches. As of yesterday, this December stands at 1.1 inches. With under 2 weeks left in the month, it seems like this December will be very close to breaking the record. Though, at this point all it takes is one semi-decent storm to push this month over the 6 inch total mark.

While the snow isn’t covering much of anything (I can still see grass peaking out of the snow), it is a start. One that Syracuse very much needs considering its last place standing.

The latest snowstorm has pushed this season to the 10th snowiest season on record for Syracuse (157 inches), overtaking the 2002-03 season (153.2) for that spot. The current 9th place season is 1970-71, with 157.2 inches. I would imagine this season will move past that one today. Below are the top 10 snowiest seasons for Syracuse.

1. 1992-93 (192.1)
2. 2000-01 (191.9)
3. 2003-04 (181.3)
4. 1995-96 (170.9)
5. 1991-92 (166.9)
6. 1993-94 (163.8)
7. 1989-90 (162.0)
8. 1977-78 (161.2)
9. 1970-71 (157.2)
10. 2010-11 (157.0 so far)

In case you were wondering, Syracuse’s least snowiest season on record was 2001-02, with 59.4 inches.

As for the other GSB cities, below are the rankings for this season, since 1951-52 (the earliest season that data was available for all 5 cities).

Albany: 19th
Binghamton: 20th
Buffalo: 31st
Rochester: 21st

All of them, especially Buffalo, have a ways to go to reach their respective top 10. But, there still is plenty of time in the season, so maybe a few more of them can get toward the top of their snow piles!

5:00 PM UpdateNOAA just came out with the late afternoon snow stats for today. Syracuse set another snowfall record for the date with 10.2 inches so far today breaking the old record of 8.9 set back in 1961. Syracuse is sitting at 41.9 inches on the season. Rochester picked up close to a couple more inches and that’s about it for the other GSB cities.
It’s been snowing non stop for probably 4 days now in the Syracuse area and Rochester and Binghamton aren’t doing too bad either. The shoveling is definitely starting to get old even for us snow lovers. Syracuse set another date record with 9.3 inches of snow breaking the old record of 7 inches set back in 1958. The Rock just missed setting one. If I were to guess, I think Syracuse will have about another foot or so of snow to add come the next update or the one after that.

I shoveled about 6 inches late last night/early morning as it was snowing about 2 inches an hour. By the time I was done it looked like I never shoveled. Wake up this morning and it’s still snowing and to be honest I’m loving it. Well give me about 20 minutes when I go out to shovel again and I’ll probably change my tune for a little while anyways.

Syracuse Snow Around 12:30 Today

Tired of Cleaning the Snow Off Your Car – It Could Be Worse

It’s way too early into the snow season to even think this will be a run away snow contest. Rochester and Binghamton have been getting the snow too and I know Buffalo will be jumping in sometime soon. One of our visitors Charles mentioned the possibility of a big storm coming early next week and I heard the same. Can it get any better than it’s been the last 4 days??? We can only hope.

Here are some snow stats for yesterday:

Syracuse – 9.3 Record
Rochester – 7.4
Binghamton – 4.8