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Buffalo picked up just enough snow to slip past Binghamton and move into the third place slot on the snow hill.  I think the bigger story is that Rochester continues to add to their lead and now are 10 inches + over second place Syracuse.

Rochester is showing 3.8 inches of snow for yesterday while Buffalo is reporting 3.3 inches of the fluffy white stuff.  Still a lot of time to go but with the way this winter has gone so far that 10 inch lead is looking pretty good right now :)  I’m sure Lake Erie is still wide open so Buffalo still has it’s snow machine ready to crank out some lake effect.

I think any of the Golden Snowball cities still have a shot at the trophy this season.  OK, Albany don’t really count :)  Any thoughts on which city you think will win it this season???

Have a Great Day All!

Happy Valentines Day to all you Snow Birds, I mean Love Birds 😉


Syracuse who????  Rochester has plowed past Syracuse with the latest update from the National Weather Service.  So far today the Rock has picked up 10.1 inches of snow blowing away the competition for the day.  Binghamton managed to move back into 3rd place but we will see if that lasts long.  I’ll get an update in tomorrow morning when all of the totals for today are up to date.  Good call Dave and Charles and Way To Go Rochester!!!!