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First off, way to go to the Syracuse basketball team taking on UNC earlier and pulling off another victory. SU is still undefeated and ranked number 10 in the country. They had no problem today controlling UNC most of the game other than the very beginning. Wouldn’t it really be a shame if Arizona lost tomorrow?  AZ is currently ranked number 1 in the country and of course a loss would most likely put Syracuse in the number 1 spot. Hey, if we can’t do it here in the Golden Snowball contest we may as well do it in basketball 😉 Congrats SU and keep the streak going!

Oh yeah, snow. All of the cities had some snow to report since the last update and Binghamton added enough snow to slip past Rochester to take over the number 3 spot on the snow mountain. Binghamton has been hanging with the big 3 all season moving up and down on the snow hill. I’m sure Rochester will get things going sometime soon though and the question is which city will be the one to give Buffalo a run for their money?

Buffalo did close in on Erie, PA in the National snow contest and moved up to the number 2 spot on the snow mountain the last time I updated that site. I may get a top 10 update in tonight on the snowiest big city website if nothing comes up.

As much as I hate to see rain I have to admit that I didn’t mind the 50 degree weather today :) Have an Awesome Weekend All..