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Well, not quite yet but take a look out the window in about an hour and say goodbye to Fall and Hello to good ole Winter.  Winter Solstice 2011 begins at 12:30 am EST on Thursday, December 22nd if I’m not mistaken.  Kind of has us wondering now what ole man winter has in store for us.  SNOW Would Be Nice :(

Normally we say, “oh, what a nice summer we had” or “what a beautiful spring it’s been” and of course “well that what one long crappy winter”.  I think the snow haters can now add “wow, what an awesome fall we had this year” and depending on how you feel about snow they would be right – or wrong.

The good news is that after today which is the shortest day of the year, the days will start to get longer again.  Yup, a minute here, a couple there and before ya know it, it will be Spring again.  Let’s just hope we get some SNOW in the SPRING to make up for this lousy fall 😉

Make me also think of last December.  Just think, we had most of that December snow, 70 + inches of it in the fall.  So no doubt this has been one of the easiest falls we have had so far and has to be one of the least snowiest falls on record.  We’ll check on that some day.

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Anyways, just wanted to drop by and wish all of you a Happy, Merry Winter All :)


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