6 comments on “The First Day of Spring Around the Corner

  1. Jill, I use to love watching hockey. I haven’t a clue as to why I stopped following it. I’m going to make it a point to watch a game, a Sabres game before the season is over. GO Rangers! Errr, and Go Sabres. Do the Rangers and Islanders still have a team, lol?

    Ouch NYCO ; ) That’s not a bad idea though. I’m glad you brought that up because I forgot completely about sending a check out to a charity for last seasons winning city. I went to give it to Dennis at the press conf and he told me to just mail it and it slipped my mind :( It’s going to go to the Boys and Girls club. Didn’t they just get a huge grant or something? Anyways, it is starting to look like another repeat for DaCuse.

    General, Cool and Good Luck. Georgetown cost my mother a shot at first place though. I had them on both of my sheets but I have been out of it for awhile now. The good news is she still has a shot at taking second place. The bad news is she needs Georgetown to lose. The good news is we are partners. The bad news is I have to cheer against GTown. The good news could be, give me half and I’ll cheer for you, lol. Good Luck though and I mean it. We need to win the rest to have a shot at a score tie breaker. If the first game is the Fla – UCLA game and we lose I’ll be rooting for Georgetown big time.

  2. Well speaking of the tourney. After round #2 I had ripped my sheet up and said.. umm some choice words. Then today someone else in the pool was telling me how I was among the top point holders heading into the final four. I really don’t know how I am still in the runnings but from what I am taking if G town can beat UCLA in the finals I am supposdly the winner of several hundered matchsticks…

    We shall see.

  3. Have you thought of giving out a “Most Improved City” award each year? For the city that improves the most on their totals from last year (as a percentage of the previous year’s total). It might be a nice consolation prize for all of the non-Syracuse cities to shoot for each season [/snark]

  4. They’re the hottest ticket in town!

    Although I wouldn’t have wanted last night’s ticket :(

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