8 comments on “Warm Weather Has Arrived

  1. Same here General, 2 losses with Marquette and OD. My mom has only one loss so far with Marquette.

    Today will be a make or break day and my longshot for today is Albany over Virginia :) That’s on my 3 loss sheet though :(

  2. Not to bad after day one, 14/16 on my picks. Messed up picking Marquette and Gonzaga, but both games were toss up picks anyways. Let’s see how well I can do tomorrow.

  3. Lol, yeah I am a fool 😉 I was drawing a blank when I looked at your post and then the brackets last night. I forgot about the pre-game teams. Ummm, I have Kansas winning it all so it might be a little hard for me to give up hundreds of match sticks and cheer for Niagara. If they happen to beat Kansas though I will cheer for them all the way 😉

    I’ll be cheering for Albany also :) I just read that the SU game won’t be on TV Monday. ESPN blows. Yesterday they had one and a half games on.

    General, you have Duke playing in Buffalo, lol. The team I love to watch get beat! I hope it’s on here tonight.

  4. Niagara. YAY

    If there is going to be any huge upset this year it will be the purple eagles knocking off Kansas. To bad they aren’t playing home in Buffalo.

  5. No silly! Niagara University… Go Purple Eagles :)

    Who knows how far they’ll make it, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

    Cool beans on SU… I like to see the local teams do good!

  6. NU as in Nevada Jill??? If so is there a reason why? SU won their first game tonight, Wooo Hooo! That first game always seems to be the hardest for them :)

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