7 comments on “The First Snowfall For Some of Us

  1. Can't believe it's already mid November. As much as I'm itching for the white stuff to start falling I'm not going to complain about the sun and 65 we had today. Absolutely beautiful for this time for year.

  2. I know the commercials/dealership of which you speak….. Hmmmmm ~stroking my chin thoughtfully~

  3. Jill, around here there is a car dealership commercial run quite a bit. The guys famous saying is "It's HUGE". Not much of a clue, lol but may may sense ;p

  4. Aw – that's so mean! How can you talk about a special project and give such a non-hint as to what it is?????

    C'mon – give us a *good* clue so we can try to guess what's to come!

  5. PSUSyr5, drop me an email at comments (at) goldensnowball.com . I know I have your email somewhere but chance are it will take days to track it down. I could use some help maybe on something different or maybe even here.

    I'll also let you in on the secret of what the project is that I'm working on 😉

  6. If you'd like, I could try to post every now and then. I've been away from the whole weather broadcasting thing for almost 2 years now, so to get back into it in some form would be good for me. It could ease your burden a little too, especially once the snow starts falling.

    I had an idea sometime last year or the year before that I mentioned, and I believe you had thought of it before too: a representative, or several, from each Golden Snowball city have posting privileges. Sort of an inside look into each city. So maybe we could try to get that going this year.

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