6 comments on “The Snow Contest is Getting Closer

  1. Where do you get your totals from???? No way Rochester has had 23.9 inches this year or month for that matter! You are just as bad as the stupid forecasters who make everyone panic for nothing. Snow advisory for a 24 hour period yet we only got 2 inches if that and now the sun is out.

  2. Patrick,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend, all the way up there from North Kakilacki. The snow machine is cranking up.
    Cousins Pam and Mike

  3. Oh my God! Just this morning I realized… I FORGOT TO PUT OUT THE SNOW GOD this year.

    I totally forgot. How could this have happened.

    He is displeased with us in Syracuse now! Very displeased!!!

  4. Hmmm…looks like you didn't update the "this time last year" column for Rochester.
    By 12/18/08, Rochester had 23.2". But one year ago, 12/24, Rochester had a healthy 43.8 inches.
    December 2008 was a good month!

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