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  1. Thanks Jill :) I just watched it. Talk about heavy breathing :( And my nerves brought out my great grammar when I said something like “built a bunch of snowman’s, lmao. Overall it was fun though and lets hope our contest keeps growing.

    I also wish we had a little more time because I wanted to stress how this site isn’t about me but about everyone who pitches in with stats, comments and other help. Thanks again Jill and thanks for showing up here and posting. We look forward to hearing from you, even if you are from Buffalo :p

    Dj, No way are ya nuts, lol. Oswego would bury the competition year after year. Although I think we did beat them or Fulton a year or two ago which isn’t the norm that’s for sure. I did do a poll about bringing Utica into the contest I think last year which would be a great addition to the contest. It was mixed results but I think the poll ended up in favor of it. That’s all out of my hands though and pretty much up to the cities.

    I do agree that it would be nice to see another city grab 1st place and this year it is still up for grabs even though most don’t think so. I know the city and Dennis Brogan have a plan all set to deliver the trophy to another city when they win which could be pretty interesting and fun.

  2. The missing city

    This is a great place to get the facts. Proud to be from Syracuse (The winning city) however I think we should include Oswego, NY!!! Oswego is deeper in snow than the loosing city’s are full of hope to take our trophy lol. I think there needs to be a vote on this cite to bring Oswego to the Golden Snowball. I hope their numbers don’t make you melt in your pants. Oswego made national news this year.

  3. Well, I taped Survivor… I didn’t want to wait to see what TWC was going to say about the contest :)

    I think it was a really good piece – you done great! They sure made Syracuse look like it’s always buried in snow tho’ and that cab drivers don’t know how to drive in it 😀

    Too bad it was so short. They could have easily given the contest a lot more time… snow is way more interesting than water from Hawaii.

    I was just thinking (what do they say about hindsight?) I *should* have taped TWC instead – I could have put the piece up on YouTube ~sigh~ Maybe someone else who taped it could!

    Again – great job Patrick!

  4. Lol Jill. My mother is in the same dilemma. To tape her soaps or tape her son, Jeesh, Something is wrong with that thought isn’t it??? :)

  5. Hmmmmm… Tape Survivor and watch the Weather Channel or tape the Weather Channel and watch Survivor… Decisions, decisions! Either way I’m going to see it – I’m sure it’s going to be great :)

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