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  1. General, I could never leave your snowmans, err snowmens, umm snowmen out of it :)

    Anon, I missed the city screw up. I’ll add it to the list of many :) The worse thing is I come from a family of teachers and have a lot of Friends that are also teachers, go figure

    Hey Anne-Marie, speaking of teachers. I’m glad you got to see my moment of fame. I think! I see that the Poughkeepsie area finally got a decent amt of snow several days back. Looking at whats coming from the South you might be get a couple more inches unless it’s too warm there. I’m glad you stopped by to say Hi and I look forward to seeing you at Marks and Lina’s wedding :)

  2. Hi Pat,
    I saw you on TV the other night. Donna told me that you were going to be on The Weather Channel. Congratulations on your new celebrity status! You did a great job! What a cool contest. Hooray for Syracuse and the Golden Snowball Contest!

  3. Nice interview Pat! Kudos! If anything the two of them kinda left you hanging at times, but you did good getting word of what the contest is out! And my snowmans got mentioned on twc, awesome!

    Great Job!

  4. Jill, as long as you got a laugh out of it then I did my job well :) I did just watch it again and I suppose it wasn’t all that bad and thanks again for the pat on the back. As for watching it while it was on I didn’t. I paced in front of the computer just in case I needed to look something up and I think I would of freaked watching it as I was doing it. My son and his GF were here and they said it was on as I was talking. Thanks again Jill and your right it was a great opportunity to get the contest noticed.

    Kai, I watched the video you made right after you posted it on Sean’s forum. It was awesome and a great job for it being your first time putting one together :) That was definitely cool watching Jim in the city and telling the world how well we deal with the weather here.

    Sre, Thanks and when I watched the video the second time I did what Jill did, laughed and just shook my head. It was fun. It could of been worse! It could of been an in person interview :( Thanks all for the kind words.

  5. You’re being too hard on yourself! What do they say about being one self’s worst critic? I caught the ‘snowmans’, but it made me laugh – it just came across as nervousness, that’s all… and I didn’t catch too many um’s. And even if there were a million um’s in there, would you have passed up the chance for the interview? Of course not! You did a great job of helping to get the word of the contest out :) It’s just too bad that we weren’t able to see Buffalo in first place 😛

    Just out of curiosity, tho’ – were you able to watch the interview on TV as you were talking to Mike and Stephanie? Like in real time? Or did you just stay on the phone with no other distractions? I know on radio they have a seven-second delay, but I’ve never heard of that with TV interviews… Just wondering!

    Again – you did a great job! ~thumbs up icon here~

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