Time is Running Out in the Golden Snowball Contest

Rochester still holds about a half a foot lead over Syracuse and a bit more over the other four golden snowball cities.  With March finally here it looks like it will go right down to the last snowflake that falls this season.  Is time running out for the four cities that trail.

I think anything can happen in March including some really big storms.  I still remember the Blizzard of 1993 which fell on my daughters birthday.  That was on March 12th and 13th and it dropped a ton of snow along with some decent winds and a lot of lightning and thunder :)   Almost as good as the blizzard of 1966 but not quite.

At this point I think all of the cities in the Golden Snowball race are still in contention for the trophy.  Yes even Albany if the storm stays to the east although I don’t see that happening.  This by far has been one of the weirdest winter seasons I can personally remember so who knows what lies ahead.  It will be interesting to see though.

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Have a SUPER Weekend All ;)


One thought on “Time is Running Out in the Golden Snowball Contest

  1. Hey Patrick, ahhh such fond memories you conjure up of winter storms gone by. Smart to keep your guard up as March really does tend to fool those looking for it all to be over, even though this year has been an anomaly for you guys. The winters of 91-92, 92-93 and 93-94 were our last in Syracuse and I remember walking the hill to watch Billy Owens, Lawrence Moten and John Wallace, amongst just a few of our legends. I read of the passing of Marty Paraino this week as well, Syracuse’s own bowling legend. You will be happy to know we received about an inch of snow Sunday into Monday February 20th here in North Kakilacki. Enjoy the March madness – winter, spring and basketball – for it gets no better!
    Cousins Pam and Mike