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  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. final snow forecast: Albany .3 ,Bingo 2.2, syracuse 3.1, the rock, 6.3 , buffalo 5.4. this is through saturday morning and includes the back side of the storm when i believe rochester has the potential along with syracuse and maybe binghamton to pick up some additional accumulations.

  3. NYCO, from what I have read I think it comes down to is that China not use to that kind of snow or at least the places that got the snow. An article at http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5jvk7Cm_LiUKmk09LgSM7wXayDzlwD8UG5MJG1 from the AP mentions:

    “Snow and ice storms in east, central and southern China — at no more than a foot of snow overall in some places — have overloaded businesses, the electricity grid and other systems that normally keep the economy ticking at double-digit rates. The weather was unusual for those regions, and they were ill-equipped to handle it”

    It also quote a man that says they haven’t seen that kind of snow in 30 years. Plus the extra traveling by the people for the Lunar New Years holiday most likely played a part in all those people being unable to get where they wanted to go. I guess one of the downfalls of a country that has that large of a population and relies so much on public transportation.

    I haven’t found anything yet as to exactly how much snow some of the areas received though other than what’s above.

  4. I have an off-topic question maybe someone here can find out for me:

    What is the deal with the snowstorms in China that are paralyzing the country? (See story: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/01/world/asia/01china.html)

    Everything I read about China does not say HOW MUCH snow they have gotten. Are we talking feet? Mere inches? Is this really bad snow or is it just a case of China not being used to any snow at all?

    I come here for all my snow related intelligence, so I wonder if you guys have any information on this.

  5. General, one more thing. The reason I did that snow dance last night was to try and pull this storm further to the East like Mike mentioned hoping that we can miss the freezing rain and potential rain by getting the temps to stay lower 😉 Lets hope it works. After reading your post about the lake surge I’m wondering if you might not have performed the Tsunami dance by mistake :(

  6. Barbara, I’m sorry to hear about your weather problems. With the new storm approaching I’m guessing that your area would probably rather see snow than rain although I’m not sure. Of course with the mess you described nothing would be the best but most likely that’s not going to happen. Let’s hope the water will subside before this next storm hits. Good luck to you!

    General, that is a great post and I won’t bump it down. Just to let you know the snow dance took place at 12:42 am this morning. I’ll post more on the main blog later. Didn’t you use to have some pictures of the boom so that people can kind of see what your talking about???

  7. Yesterday I watched with horror as the River came up even and then washed over our breakwalls turning our backyard into River coming closer and closer to the back door of my office and Family Room.

    Substantial damage to the stones and breakwall at our River’s edge is likely under what is today a super-olympic size ice rink that turns into crumply rammed piles of ice closer to the River’s edge extending into an unmoving mass almost a mile across the whole River. It is unmoving at the surface. I have NEVER seen the River frozen over before. It looks like Lake Erie near the shore in February in a very cold year.

    I worry that ice and water are likely to come higher up and do even further damage before this is over with the boom broken.

    What strange environmental times we live in!

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