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  1. Lake Ontario is said to have been completely frozen over in 1934. The only thing that prevents that being an indisputable fact is that we had no satellite imagery to confirm it. It is also said to have been completely frozen in the 1970s � satellite technology was not being used for this type of thing until the 1980s.

  2. How come your total for Syracuse is lower than on goldensnowglobe? Your Buffalo totals match. But you’re shorting da cuse! I got about 14.5 here in northern Clay area. It appears that Cuse has maintained its 8 inch lead.

    • Sorry about that Frank. I updated the stats before I went to bed last night but never posted them on the site :( All up to date now…

  3. I’ll most likely just keep updating this post as the storm comes through. What’s it doing in your neck of the woods???

    • Latest update, looks like DA cuse will be on the edge of getting close to two feet, might be just north of Hancock where I live in Clay/Three River’s area. Right now, cloudy and no precip yet.

      • Frank, I keep reading that it’s going to get worse and I keep waiting. Been watching the radar off and on and the yellow and red seems to head toward Syracuse but then drift of to the south east so far. Some heavier stuff is showing up right now on the radar heading toward Da’Cuse and we’ll see if this can stay the course this time :) Don’t get me wrong, it’s nasty out right now and the last I measured it was an inch and a half an hour. I know I hope the temps drop real fast because what I have shoveled so far has been pretty wet and heavy. How has it been there today Frank?

        I’ve been watching the weather channel and they are in Rochester. No doubt they called the blizzard warning right for them. It’s pretty nasty with the winds there. So far not much wind here in Minoa outside of the city but they should be coming in sometime soon.

        • It’s snowing moderately and the winds have picked up since about 4PM they are now sustained around 5-10mph. here, seeing guests around 25-30. We have about 5-6 inches so far. Radar looks like heavier precip. is due to arrive in the next few hours, around dusk, and that Rochester will have a short break in precip, and Buffalo will end the steady snow by 9:15PM tonight, then some sporadic bursts throughout the night. I think CUSE and ROC will be close in totals. It will be interesting to see how it turns out and if we get any lake effect on Thursday-Thurs. night! But I think I had enough of the snowstorms for the season :)

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