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Update 9:30 AM 3/13 – First off a big Thanks to Carol S. for your donation. It helps out a lot in offsetting costs and time put into the site. They all do and I really appreciate it Carol, Thank You :)
Well the storm is over and it didn’t change a whole lot as far as the lead goes. Both Buffalo and Syracuse got just about the same amount of snow the last couple of days. Rochester ended up winning this round but need 2- 3 more of those storms to get near the top and that’s only if they miss Buffalo and Syracuse. I don’t see that happening. Bingo stayed out of this round and Albany picked up a handful of snow.

This snow storm did put Rochester and Syracuse over their totals for the season so anything now is just a bonus, lol if that’s what we want to call it :) So now 4 of the 5 cities are over their seasonal snow totals except for Binghamton who needs just 2 tenths of an inch to pass theirs.

This storm did make a pretty big difference in the National Snowiest Big City Contest in the country though. Syracuse has closed to within 2 inches of the leader which is Erie, Pa. Buffalo moved up into the number 3 spot on the snow mountain and Rochester is now in the top 5 snowiest cities in the US. You can check out the Nation Snow Contest here. Here is what I have for the cities for the storm totals or for the last couple of days.

Rochester – 16.2
Buffalo – 13.8
Syracuse – 13.6
Albany – 5.5
Binghamton – 0.4

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Update 9:30 AM 3/13 – First keep in mind that the overnight snow hasn’t been reported yet and aren’t included in these totals. That said it looks like as of now anyway, that Buffalo has melted a little bit of Syracuse’s lead away. Syracuse was ahead by 8 inches before this last batch of snow came out of the freezer and now it’s just over 6 inches. Still a lot of time left for Buffalo to catch Da’Cuse 😉 Here are the snow totals for yesterday from NOAA. Looking at my driveway right now I’m guessing there will be more snow to add to the totals from the overnight snow so Stay Tuned. So far Rochester is winning this round and has gone over the 100 inch mark. Rochester is also finally starting to pull away from Binghamton and it will be interesting to see where they are in the National Snow Contest Here. Buffalo as of the last update has moved into the #3 spot on the snow mountain in that race to the top 😉

Rochester – 14.9
Buffalo – 13.8 which broke a date record set back in 1959 of 7.3 inches. WTG!
Syracuse – 12.1 inches of snow.

Update 10:30 PM 3/12 – I’m starting to think that the snow contest could get really interesting come tomorrow. I’m hearing that Buffalo’s snow totals for today may be at 13.5 inches right now. Depending on what happens during the overnight Buffalo has a good chance at moving even closer to the top of the snow hill and who know what else 😉

Update 7:00 PM 3/12 – Just updated all of the cities and the snow race just got tighter. Both Buffalo and Rochester picked up just a little bit more snow than Syracuse but remember that every inch is big this late into the season. Here is what has been reported so far today.

Buffalo – 9.4
Rochester – 8.2
Syracuse – 8.0


Update 3:00 PM 3/12 – Steady snow in the Syracuse area with heavier snow expected anytime now. The winds have been quiet so far but are also expected to pick up soon. The last 2 hourly measurements I took it was snowing at a rate of 1 1/2 inches per hour. I was just watching Rochester on the weather channel and no doubt they are in a blizzard and it is nasty. How has the snow storm been where you are right now? Stay Safe and take it slow all… I will be getting an update posted when the new NOAA stats come out in awhile, normally between 5-6 PM. Should be interesting and stay tuned..

I’m sure most of you have already heard about the new snow storm that is going to hit sometime in the wee hours of tonight and tomorrow. I’ve been reading around and seeing all kind of forecasts for different amounts of snow that the Golden Snowball cities will be getting. Syracuse has a slight lead over Buffalo right now of 8 inches and if I were a betting man, oh yeah, I am 😉 I would be putting my money on Rochester I think for this round.

I’m also betting that Buffalo will be able to melt away some of the lead that Syracuse has right now and who knows, just a little shift in the storm and Buffalo could be the new king of the Snow Hill come the end of Thursday. I think it will also be interesting to see how much if any lake effect starts up when the cold air comes through.

Here is what we saw at last check of what NOAA was predicting. 18-24 inches of snow for Rochester, 14 – 18 inches for Buffalo, 8 – 14 inches for Syracuse and I’m not seeing anything for Albany. Below are some links to the national weather service and a map of the Buffalo – Rochester area. KEEP IN MIND – all of this could change and keep checking with the pros at your local stations or the links below for the most recent updates. Be smart and take it slow and stay safe everyone 😉

Syracuse, NY – Watch from Wed, 5 AM – Thurs. 10 AM 10 – 14 inches as of now.
Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Syracuse

Buffalo, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed, 2 AM – Thurs. 2 AM 14 – 18 inches expected.
Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Buffalo, NY

Rochester, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed. 5 AM – Thurs. 5 AM 18 – 24 inches expected.
Click Here for Storm Updates for Rochester

Buffalo and Rochester Expected Snowfall - NOAA

See Snow Drive Slow!!!

Another quick update – The Syracuse snow stats were just posted a little while ago.  They are showing 7.9 for today bringing their 2 day storm totals to 12.5 inches of new snowfall.  The chart is as up to date as the National Weather Service is now 😉

Updated 12/27 – The new snow stats were just posted with the exception of Syracuse which is showing MM meaning the stats aren’t being reported yet.  Surprisingly there were no changes in the lineup and the totals although pretty decent were a little lower than I expected them to be.  Here at my house east of the city of Syracuse I measured 13 inches of snow.  Buffalo took the honors with this snow storm picking up 12.3 inches of snow for the 2 days.  That is unless Syracuse can top it when an update for them comes out.  Here is the way it all played out the last 2 days and keep an eye on my fuzzy math 😉

Buffalo – 12.3 inches
Rochester – 11.1
Syracuse – 12.5
Albany – 7.8
Binghamton – 6.3


6:00 AM Update – I just updated the snow stats and they are from what has fallen as of yesterday so far.  No doubt this has been a decent storm because I can tell by how many cars come into the yard taking the turn :) 2 so far for this storm with the last one being about an hour ago.  One was able to get out on her own and the other one was buried pretty good so we were able to get him shoveled out about 4 am.  Time for a nap and it will be interesting when the next update comes out. So as of the end of yesterday the storm totals are and don’t let them fool ya just yet, many more inches to be added to some of the cities 😉  Good Night

Buffalo – 10.1
Rochester – 8.5 Record
Binghamton – 5.1
Syracuse – 4.6
Albany – 2.9


10:30 PM Update –  As of right now Syracuse and Binghamton are the only cities that have updates out thanks to the Binghamton NOAA station.  Buffalo and The Rock normally come out around 2:00 am give or take so you may not see them posted until tomorrow.  Right now Binghamton is showing 4.1 and Syracuse is reporting 3.8 as of 10 PM for this snow storm.  Any Guesstimates as to which city will have the highest totals for this storm?  I’m going with –

Rochester – 15.5
Syracuse – 13.0
Buffalo – 11.5
Binghamton – 11.0
Albany – 8.5


Winter storm warnings are / will be in effect for all of the Golden Snowball cities so if you need to travel you should do it early.  From reading around at the National weather service most of the heavy snow won’t be starting until later on for some of the cities.

Most of the forecasts are calling for at least a 8 – 14+ inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  They are also saying we can expect 2 – 3 inches an hour at times which is a lot of snow coming down and normally will stop traffic.  In other words as much as we are use to the snow you should stay off the roads for this storm.  Keep an eye on your favorite news channel for changing conditions and take it slow.  Below are links that will get updated by the National Weather Service as the snow storm gets closer.

Warnings for the Buffalo and Rochester Areas

Warnings for the Syracuse, Utica and Binghamton Areas

Warnings for the Albany and Surrounding Areas

Most of the Cities and Counties in New York

Have a Great Day Everyone and Stay Safe 😉

Updated 1/14  6:30 am – All of the Golden Snowball Cities are up to date :)


Updated 1/14 1:00 am – All of the snow stats for the day haven’t been reported yet.  Syracuse and Binghamton are valid as of 10 PM, Albany didn’t report the last update and Buffalo and Rochester’s snow stats are only up until 4 PM.  Chances are that Albany, Buffalo and Rochester will have some (maybe a lot) more snow to add come tomorrow morning.  The snow is hanging just north of Syracuse trying to slide toward the city so they may have more to report also.  Here is what we have so far according to NOAA.

Syracuse – 8.0 Record – Old Record 6.1 in 1989  They also set a rain record for the day.
Buffalo – 6.4 Record – Old Record 5.1 in 2000
Binghamton – 5.5
Rochester – 5.5
Albany – Trace?????


Start the GSB snow contest TAKE TWO – Let’s restart the contest all over like it never started to begin with. Here we are just about half way through January and only a foot of snow is leading the snow contest. Only a foot of snow for Syracuse which has held the bragging rights for the past several years as the snowiest city in the Golden Snowball contest.

Albany, which I consider the place to go in the winter to get away from the snow actually has a realistic chance right now of winning the contest. It would be the first time ever for Albany. They added another 2.6 inches of snow today to add to their totals for the season. Enough snow to slip past Rochester and go into 3rd in the snow contest. Albany in 3rd place in the middle of January just don’t seem right does is? Well, way to go Albany I suppose. Makes me wonder what Governor Cuomo
has up his sleeve :)

Make sure ya’s check out Stephen’s Point Blank Range Forecasts below :)

Right now the Golden Snowball Trophy is up for grabs for any of the cities. Snow is in the forecast for all of the GSB cities I believe and come the end of the weekend (probably sooner) there may be a new leader. I’m taking a guess that come the end of the weekend (Sunday Night) it will be


Which city do think will be winning? Leave a comment with what you all think the line-up will be come the end of Sunday.

Take it slow driving and have a Super Day All 😉

I just took a look at the radar and the game eeny, meeny, miny, moe comes to mind when trying to figure out which city is going to make out the best in the next 24 hours or so :) Any Guesses???

Right now it looks like the winds have shifted around Buffalo and coming from more of a north – northwest flow right so in my opinion all 3 of the Big cities have a shot at piling up some good snow amounts with either Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse getting a little extra over the others. If I were to guess and that’s normally all I can do (remember I’m clueless) I would guess that the heavier bands are going to set up right between Rochester and Syracuse.

That said Buffalo added another 5+ inches to their totals since the last update so they have a shot at taking the lead if the Arctic air stays on more of a northern pattern. Again, remember the source. Me :( Either way it should get slick in all of the cities off and on and lets see if we can come up with a lead change.

Here in the Syracuse area a pretty good band went by this morning dropping around 2 inches in probably under an hour and most likely did the same for Buffalo and Rochester. IMO it’s a toss of the coin as to which city will win this round of snowfall. Right now mostly sunny with the winds picking up 😉

Have a great Evening and remember “Snow Means Slow”! Take it easy out there.