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  1. Good morning Pat, checking in from the ROC with about 6″ of cement across the area and a number of power outages affecting intersections. Decent November storm!

    • Hey ZR, was just thinking about you yesterday wondering if we would be seeing you this season :) I bet the snow is like cement. The little that we had was soaked and now just rain. My little cousin goes to school there and she said it was pretty nasty when she came home last night. I’m guessing you had some overnight snow too which hasn’t been added in yet. Unless some good lake effect starts up when this pulls out it’s looking like The Rock will win this round and probably be in the lead :)

      • Hopefully you will be hearing from my often this season! Still calling for 1-4″ of lake effect to add to the overnight snow….and yes, we got more overnight. Official # for the airport is 6.3″ for that storm

        • Well it was enough snow for a day at least ZR :) Did an interview today with the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle but it was just a little too late with Da’Cuse taking the lead for the first time this season. Only 0.4 separating us though so it should be a fun snow season. Are you back to plowing again?

  2. Hey Frank, I see you’re going on the high side. Right now it’s so quiet in the Syracuse area but I’m starting to think I should have went higher too. These storms always tend to throw me off until the next morning when I wake up and see what the overnight brought or until they start coming to an end and start bringing in the Lake effect. should be interesting either way…

  3. Hi M Creek, I’ve been doing the same thing, looking out the window. I went out to watch the Su game and on the way home it was just rain. Some snow earlier but right now either rain or maybe just a touch of sleet. We’ll see what the main event brings us come the overnight an tomorrow :)

  4. I would love for Rochester to take the lead, but I think Syracuse will build on its lead with this storm. I have to admit my predictions are based in part upon what I see as I keep looking out the window every five minutes hoping for more snow. Right now there is a thin layer on my car but my driveway is still black :(

    My predictions:

    Syracuse: 10
    Rochester: 6
    Binghamton: 5
    Buffalo: 4
    Albany: 2
    TOTAL: 27

  5. My guestimates:

    Rochester – 14.0
    Syracuse – 13.0
    Buffalo- 9.0
    Binghamton – 5.0
    Albany- 2.0
    Total- 43.0

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