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  1. Most of us in the Greater Rochester area, are perfectly happy trailing in the contest. Soon the contest should think about inverting the contest to see who can get the least ! As familiar as I am with Syracuse, suburbs etc. I am not familiar with the common snow band areas coming off the lake. In Rochester we have those areas which seem to be very persistent. Frequently areas to the east of Rochester get hit heavy. And forget about the shoreline itself…. My sister-in-law (and I love her dearly) lives in Pultneyville. They receive snow every day even if there aren’t clouds around. I’m in mid to southwest Wayne County (Palmyra) and with all the (North South) Drumlins we have, the snow winds funnel between these formations and Vwala….. a ton a snow. Anyway my point is…. our airport (and I’m sure most are this way) has all the weather and atmospheric equipment. The NOA, TV, basically all information comes from them. They have actually missed significant snow events on 3 different occasions. Yes they received snow, but nothing like other areas. Points South and East, have had in my estimation approx. 13-15 inches more so far than the airport.
    Now everyone is asking me…. Why is he saying this? Well because I would like to know whether other areas like Syracuse or Buffalo at times have persistent snow bands running thru them or not. Fair Question?
    Thanks for your time…… JEH

    • Definitely a fair question James and keep in mind that I am not an expert and don’t try and pretend to either. Maybe someone more qualified will answer this too. One of the biggest complaint’s I hear probably 30 times a year is that the Syracuse airport puts Syracuse at an advantage for the fact that to the North of Syracuse is normally where the persistent snow bands set up. Places like the Tug Hill area, Oswego, Fulton, Watertown and so on. This season so far I would say that because of the storms coming from the south and west the airport was a disadvantage so far. I live just east of the city and I’m guessing what I measured so far is about 13 inches more than what the airport has reported. Lake Effect hasn’t been a huge factor SO FAR this season. Most of the snow bands seem to keep parking to the north and haven’t been dropping to the south for Syracuse to get in on the heavy snow. This changes season to season. I think the airport is something like 5 nautical miles from the center of the city.

      All of the cities with the exception of Albany do have snow bands that set up over them and stay for hours. Just like all of the cities have places like you and I mentioned that have the more persistent snow bands as far as constantly getting them and the snow band just hanging over the city for a day or two only to disappear and another shows up. I’m guessing and it’s just a guess that Buffalo made out the best this season SO FAR with lake effect snow. Syracuse has made out a little better with the snow storms from the south so far. As for Rochester, you seem to be missing just about everything it seems like.

      As for inverting the contest to see who can get the least, my guess is I would pick up a lot more visitors to the site if that was the case :) Every snow season I am disowned by my family and friends like I have something to do with the snow. Once Spring comes I am brought back into the family though… I hope this answers at least part of your question John.

      PS – For those that are going to jump on the airport band wagon keep in mind that I have stopped replying to question about that with this exception. If you read around the older comments you will find plenty covering that topic 😉

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