2 comments on “Buffalo Hanging Tough with Current Snow King Syracuse

  1. Snowing pretty heavy in Buffalo this morning (an inch and a half an hour). Looks to be a quick 2 hour lake effect event. We won’t be passing Syracuse in the snow total but we should add about 3″ to our totals. Looks like Syracuse will add to their totals today too though.

    • Not much here Joe. A quick blast of maybe an inch a little while ago and another squall is just about to hit us here in the Syracuse area. Hopefully this one drops a little more and does it before rush hour. I think as long as Buffalo stays close and chances are come the evening update you will probably pick up a little on us. I’m seeing 2-3 storms to the west and that could get pretty interesting for all of the cities depending on which one makes out the best. It will also make the National snow contest interesting to see if Erie gets in on Snow or a mix and of course the same for Grand Rapids..

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