Binghamton Inches Their Way Up The Snow Mountain

It looks like Binghamton didn’t like being toward the bottom of the snow hill next to Albany and who can blame them.  Binghamton slipped past both Rochester and Buffalo to move into the second place slot.  Now we need one or more of the Golden Snowball cities to make a run at Syracuse to keep this seasons snow race close.

Syracuse picked up a little more snowfall to move them past the 60 inch mark on the season.  Buffalo and Rochester are snowing neck and neck being in a dead tie right now at 36.9 inches each.  Then there is Albany.  Ummm, enough said about Albany for the time being :)

The last I looked snow is suppose to be falling Wednesday in the North East so lets see if one of the cities can gain on Da’Cuse before we warm up again.

I’m going to try and get a top 10 update in today for the national snow contest over at .  It’s been a close contest all season and as of the last update Erie, Pa was leading and probably still is.

Have a Great Day Everyone ;)

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