2 comments on “Can You Stump the Weather Chump

  1. That's a little bit out of my league. It is a "shot in the dark" type of thing, similar to the inch of snow contest for Syracuse earlier in the season. Those are a lot of fun to do, but not quite what I had in mind for this. I'll take it anyway, with a little bit of modification.

    A quick look indicates that it will be relatively quiet snow-wise for most of the GSB cities for the week. After that, forecasts generally fall apart, so this is where the fun (and the "shot in the dark") begins. I'm targeting February 1st as the day in question.

    This is where the modification comes in to play. Since it is well beyond the 2-3 day range that is ideal for me (forecasts for a few days in advance are what I gave as a part of Penn State's Campus Weather Service and the 2-3 day range is currently used with the Golden SnowCast), I am going to give myself a 3 day window on either side.

    The date when at least 3 GSB cities increase their snow totals by 4 inches or more from today (using the 1/19 afternoon updates as the starting point) will be between January 29th and February 4th.

    Fair enough?

  2. I'll give a shot at stumping the chump. How about what will the date be when at least 3 of the 5 golden snowball cities have at least another 4 inches of snow added to their totals?

    In other words Buffalo may get 4 inches but not the other cities. When will at least 3 of the cities increase their totals from today by 4 inches or more?

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