7 comments on “Rain and 50 Degrees or Snow and 25 Degrees

  1. Heh, heh to the Go Figure part VirtuallyLucid. I work from home so it's a lot easier for me to wish for snow than those who have to do the daily drive to and from work. Most of the time I can pick and choose when to go out. I did take a ride tonight during an awesome snowfall with the wind and I have to say it was pretty cool. Too bad the vid I took of it to post didn't come out though :(

  2. I usually don't worry about the road conditions, seeing as how I'm narcoleptic and am not allowed to drive. Seems the state doesn't like to deal with people suddenly collapsing behind the wheel of a moving car.

    Go figure. 😉

  3. VirtuallyLucid, Well put. I've been a Syracusan all my life and my thoughts are if it's Winter time then let it snow. Too much rain, sun and whatever makes it too boring around here. It looks like the next day or so could get interesting snow wise :)

    Jill, there are a few spots around the area where I live that were definitely pushed to the limit the other day as far as flooding goes. There is one farm house a few miles away that I haven't driven by but I bet they probably had a pond about 4 – 5 feet deep on the side of their house. I'm sure they could fill it in but I think they keep it that way for the horses.

    Crysania, I use to have a little dog about a foot high. A stray that was dropped off near where I use to live. Most likely the dog was abused because it took a few days to get him to come up to me and eat out of my hand and even then he was pretty scared. I think in about a weeks time he was making himself at home in my bed. You're right, it is fun watching them in the snow especially when a lot of the time it was over his head and you could just see him pop up every now and then as he would try to jump up and over it. Once again, great job at what you do with the dogs :)

    PSUSyr5, I sort of get what your saying but for some reason I love taking a ride during a good snow storm late at night when no one is on the road. That is as long as it's not white out conditions. Of course I stick around the neighborhood and I think you have to drive from Northern Blvd to Jamesville which could be a tough ride when the roads aren't plowed.

  4. Well, for me, it depends.

    I drive at 3am (or later) on weeknights, so if there is snow, it usually isn't plowed at that time, so driving is very tricky. At least with rain, I don't have to worry as much about road conditions as I do when there is snow/ice.

    If it's the weekend, I'll take snow.

  5. I like both! I especially love rain and 50 degree temperatures in the fall. But I also love the cold and snow (as long I don't have to drive in really bad snowy weather, though heavy rain is bad to drive in too).

    My dog has a blast in the snow though so that might push me over the edge. Watching her joy in barreling through 2 feet of snow is great!

  6. Snow for me! My yard can get very soggy when we get a lot of rain. I never have a problem when there's snow on the ground :)

    We won't talk about what happens when the snow melts :(

  7. I'm all for the snow. Rain is too normal for me, being from California and before that from Las Vegas, where they have monsoon season.

    Yesterday it was 60 degrees here in Rochester at 6:30 in the morning! What?!

    Looking forward to more snow. Save the rain for Spring and Summer, thanks.

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