Did Rochester Win This Snow Round

Updated 2/10

First Off, Thanks Jim M. for the donation to the site.  Everyone of them help out a lot :)

OK, Here are the latest snow stats for the Golden Snowball cities for the last 2 days.  Keep in mind that I have fuzzy math so…:)  Actually I have the real estate agent coming over to do an open house so I had to put the stats together fast.  I’ll double check them later after the SU game.  GO ORANGE!!!  Did any of you catch the Notre Dame – Louisville game last night?  Awesome game with Notre Dame coming from behind to pull off a win after 5 OT’s.

Rochester – 13.1
Syracuse - 8.6
Buffalo – 8.4
Binghamton 6.9
Albany – 4.8

Right now it’s looking pretty good for Rochester but like I mentioned the overnight snow still has to be added.  I measured 9.5 inches at my house which is just a few miles east of the city and just a few more miles from the airport.  If I were a betting man, Oh yeah I am ;) I would put my money on Rochester.

I think the biggest disappointment was Albany.  I had them winning this snow round and it looks like they are going to come in last place.  Shows how much I know and why you should look to your local weather for the real forecast :)   I’ll get try and get another update in a little later when some more snow stats come out.

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone :)

2 thoughts on “Did Rochester Win This Snow Round

  1. Hey Mike, thanks for sharing the pictures. Don’t you love a good snow storm or some good Lake Effect snow :) Looking at the pictures I see it’s not just me who has to shovel a quick path to the road first.