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  1. Duane who is the original poster above, I totally understand and that is the problem with measurements. We can not determined for everywhere and the measurement usually differ in each location. Even each block it may be different.. Your block had 14 and next one may have 10! Who knows.

    I know the real main problem with snow measurement that they usually measure at the airport. That is the warmest spot of every city and less snow because of the exhausts from jet engines, the heat from the huge airport, and planes itselves as well. And because of the blown snow from the planes caused different measurement. I am sure for Rochester which is really in Scottsdale or is it Scottsville.. I am sorry if I don’t remember the name of the town.. It is not far from RIT where I went to college 25 years ago! Anyway, I am sure RIT has more snow than the airport and it could be 14 inches. Trying to say a point. Usually a city is about 5 to 10 degrees warmer and LESS snow or rain than the suburbs would get and country side gets more. It is a fact strange weather pattern thanks to man’s contribution warming cities up. Syracuse Hancock International Airport is in Town of Dewitt right by Mattydale and Sweetheart Corner/North Syracuse. Again, like Rochester Airport, it is outside of city, in the suburbs, it is bit warmer there however, just 20 minutes north, you are in the Tug Hill area where it is known for 300 inches snowfall winters. If the City of Syracuse put the airport by Brewerton or in Central Square, totally different amount.

    So, Duane, I believe you had 14 inches. I believe we had more than six inches in Liverpool where I resides. It looks more like a 10 to 12 inches total by 11:50pm after I shoveled the driveway LAST night (today is 2/9/2013)

  2. First, I visit your site regularly and think it is great. I live in a suburb north of Rochester. We typically get more snow than is reported. I think the official snow fall comes from the Rochester Airport and is usually low on all accounts for some reason…be it rain fall or snow fall. I can realize an inch of rain in my gauge and the airport will report a tenth. The same thing with snowfall. The airport recorded 6 inches yet I just cleaned a good 14 inches off the roof of my jeep that is parked away from any wind and drifting. I cleaned my driveway and the same thing…a good 14 inches. I know lake effect has a great deal to do with snowfall amounts, but this storm came from the south west…right past the airport before getting to me.

    Again, great site and I commend you and your efforts to give us a running total and keep the competition going between the cities! Great job!


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