9 comments on “Eeny, Meeny, Miny Snow

  1. I wasn't expecting much of any snow in Rochester today, but it has been coming down pretty hard now for over an hour. Not necessarily a massive total, but we need to get some consistent daily snows to close that gap. Eleven inches is nothing to sneeze at, but I think the snwo gods will still align for us. GO ROCK!!

  2. Rochester moving "under the radar". Added a few more to be within two inches of 2nd place. Less than 8" seperate the top three!

  3. Looks like BUF, ROC, and SYR all added a few to their totals with only minor changes with Rochester gaining another 1" or so on BUF, and Syracuse adding another 1" or so to their lead over Buffalo. Only 11.4 seperating the top three so still a pretty close race. We are currently adding a few inches as well here in the ROC.

  4. Jill, it looks pretty close right now. As of around 5:00 PM Buffalo is showing 4.9 inches and Rochester shows 3.3. Syracuse is showing 4.9 also but that's as of 10:00 PM. Who ever gets the overnight blast should win and I'm leaning toward Buffalo also 😉

  5. I'll take a guess… I guess Buffalo!

    But then again, I'm a bit biased :)

    The wind is really blowing, so who know what we'll end up with – Up here in Lockport, I shoveled about a half foot from my driveway when I got home from work. It's looking like I'll have to shovel again in the morning…

  6. Patrick, thanks for the update. I'm cheering for ya's :) It's getting ready to move into the Syracuse area and the winds are really whipping. If it stops drifting south right now the Rock would probably kick some butt come morning. With the winds right now and as long as it keeps coming south most likely whiteout conditions soon here also. Gonna be a nasty commute home for a lot of people though :(

  7. Reporting from Rochester here near the airport. I shoveled about a fresh two inches this morning, but its been snowing on and off all day. But around 330, it opened up, and it has been whiteout here for almost an hour. Rochester has been lagging a little bit, which my out of town friends love. Rochester needs a storm to itself to be able to overtake Buffalo or Syracuse, a lake effect band directly from the north. GO ROCK!

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