6 comments on “Spring Ahead Fall Behind Set the Clocks

    • Hey ZR, been missing ya this winter. Of course with the winter we are all having the sites been pretty dead :(

      No, I didn’t see that article and thanks for pointing it out to me. I don’t mind that he didn’t give me a mention ZR. It’s always nice but at least Tom gave credit to the website and a link back to it. He was one of the guys who got this going back in the 70’s and I actually called him when I started the site to get some resources from him about the contest.

      Hows everything going there? Are ya ready to maybe have the Golden Snowball trophy sitting in the city of Rochester :( :( Ha

      • Of course we are ready! It was tough to get excited about any of the snow this year. Even the snow we did get, I was out of town for some of it, so it was really a bummer.

        • No doubt this was a bummer of a winter :( I still have one snow dnace left though Zr and I’m trying to decide whether to use it or not. I’m still thinking there is one good snowstorm hanging around 😉

  1. Looking at the low overall season totals and prospect that Rochester might pull out a victory with fewer than 60 inches, it made me wonder…what is the lowest winning total for each city (if they’ve won at least once, that is). Any data on that?

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