9 comments on “Hold up that Golden Snowball Parade in Rochester

  1. Checking in from Beloit Wisconsin, not far from Madison… around 60 here and sunny. Back home, in the ROC we just got a couple inches at home and on the west side by airport. I guess it was heavier south! Heard 18.5″ in Laurel Summit, PA

    • Did ya move or just visiting ZR? All my kids are in town for the first time in awhile. Gonna do an update right now and see how it turned out. From what I’ve heard a bit to the south-west and higher elevations did pretty good :)

  2. Former Syracuse resident, checking in from Madison WI. We had temps in the 80s in March, so our snowfall season was pretty paltry – but we’re actually in your range! We’re holding steady at just under 32 inches for the winter! Nothing like the 100+ we got a few years ago. Thanks for keeping this site up- it’s great to check in and see how ‘Cuse is doing.

    • Cynthia, I have a cousin who lives in Madison and loves it there. I think it was the first year that I started the national snow contest at http://www.goldensnowglobe.com Madison got quite a bit of snow. My guess is that at least 90% of the cities in the US are under their normal snow totals for this season. Hopefully I can get an update in this week on that national snow contest site. I’m sure Anchorage is still way ahead of the rest of us which is very unusual. I’m pretty sure they had their snowiest season on record or close to it.

  3. We’ve had a couple inches here in Henrietta, just south of Rochester. In my opinion it would take a Golden Snowball Miracle for Buffalo to catch up with us. Still, to not have one city hit 60 inches of snow is unacceptable! There goes our rep.

    • I couldn’t agree more Cathy about how pitiful the totals are this season.. I was hoping that the storm stalled over Buffalo just to keep the contest close. It’s still looking pretty good for Rochester 😉

  4. Well, I may not have gotten to see all the snow I wanted to, but at least I got a late contest as a consolation prize!

    • I’m still a little curious if this is going to be the end of the snow. Still a lot of cold days in the forecast and really no steady pattern :(

      • Well, based on what was hitting me on the face on my way to class this morning, I’m going to guess the answer is, “no”, but beyond this, it looks like it’s going to warm up again.

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