We’ll Be Finding Nemo Soon

Feel free to leave a comment here as to how the snow is falling in your neck of the woods during snow storm Nemo.  We love to get updates during the storms.

I’ve been watching a lot of forecasts today and reading quite a bit on snow storm Nemo.  To be honest I still don’t have a clue with all of the changes that the experts keep making with this storm.  It is understandable though for the fact that a shift this way or that way and everything changes.  Not to mention what the temperatures will be when it hits different cities.

The numbers went down again for some of us with the newest totals for Syracuse anywhere from 4 – 8 inches to 8 – 12 inches.  At one point in the day I was seeing 12 – 18 inches.  I’m sure it’s been the same for the rest of the cities.  From what I see it looks like Albany may be able to pile on some decent snow totals and other cities to the east should also.

As far as the National snow contest goes it looks like some cities in Massachusetts may be the big winners in that snow race.  I’m wondering if Worcester, Mass can pick up enough to take the lead.  Stay tuned and I’ll be posting the snow totals as soon as the National Weather service updates them during and after snow storm Nemo.

Hopefully some of you can grab a 3 day weekend out of this.  Stay safe and drive carefully.  See Snow – Drive Slow ;)

One thought on “We’ll Be Finding Nemo Soon

  1. Here in the Rochester area we had a LOT of additional snow overnight Fri 2/8-Sar 2/9. Unlike the heavy wet stuff we got for the first 6″ or so during the day on Friday, the newer stuff is light and fluffy (and its about 10f degrees colder today, too). Here where I live in the eastern suburbs of Rochester, we seem to have at least an additional 6″. I cleared the walk of about 6″ accumulation at about 6:30pm last night, and this morning (Sat.) I can’t even see where it was cleared.