One comment on “Syracuse Is First (Take Two) In Golden Snowball Contest

  1. Hi Y’all!
    I’ve been a transplant in Texas now for 14 years this year. I miss my family, the changing of the seasons but I definitely DO NOT miss the snowfall. I take that back. I miss snowmobiling up in Pulaski on weekends. My last memory was a beautiful Sunday morning on the back trails up there, the trees were glistening beautifully from the previous evening’s snowfall. The sun was coming up and it was the most lovely memory. It was 2 degrees but if you really tried, you could convince yourself you were literally in a Winter Wonderland. I do not travel home in the winter due to icing conditions and got lucky to be here in Dallas where the wintertime rarely gets an inch of snow. About 3 years ago we got about 2 inches of snow and the temperature went down to 25 degrees. The next day was Valentine’s Day and the weather went to 85 degrees and sunny – just a beautiful day! Rarely snowy, rarely icy but when it is like that people know to just stay home. They have no experience driving in it, so they take it slow – if they go. Typically by mid-March winter is over here and temperatures just start going up from there. Strangely though, the only sunburns I ever got were in Syracuse in summer. I’ve never had one here even in 113 degree weather. Well I hope you all enjoy the rest of the 2017 wintertime! Blessings to All!

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