6 comments on “Ut Snow, Rochester Slips to Last Place In Snow Contest

  1. We go from deflated balls to deflated snow totals… I swear no one from Buffalo had anything to do with it!

    • Yeah, sure General. Coming from a guy who puts SU shirts on snowmen and then destroys them I don’t know if I can believe you had nothing to do with it. I’m guessing you started up the plane engines right before they were taking the measurements :)

  2. I work on the grounds of the ROC airport and very closely with AirCon and other county officials. The reason for the low readings is that the measuring devices at ROC are pretty much out in the open. So, when we get “fluffy” snow as opposed to the wet and heavy stuff … and there are strong winds like this past storm … ROC tends to get low official readings.

    Far as composite stats go though, I feel it is what it is … I’m sure there are certain weather conditions that affect the readings at the other cities also … heck if you want to get technical about it, many parts of BUF got over 100 inches that first storm alone. Better to stick with the standard of what each airport shows. Otherwise how would you accurately compare to years past ?

    I’d also like to point out though that this illustrates an issue I have always had with Climate Change Data. Many of the temperature readings are taken around the world from stations on asphalt etc. … I wonder how those reading station locations affect the data being collected for that compared to data collected from those areas before asphalt was so common? Just sayin’

    • Bruce, Thanks for taking the time to give us some input on what goes on. I took a spotters training course that was given by the National Weather Service and I do understand some of what you are saying especially when it comes to strong winds. I think the biggest problem and I’m sure you know better than I do is that all of the snow spotters numbers were a lot higher all around and in Rochester. The biggest thing that stood out when I was looking around was how consistent the spotters snow totals were to each others measurements in the area. Thanks again for the input Bruce :)

  3. First, I want to say thank you very much for all the work you do on this site. I thoroughly enjoy reading along every season, and have done so for the past few years.

    However, I will be honest, as a Rochestarian, I have noticed both this year and last that the snow totals reflected here are not representative of the snowfall in Rochester, and sometimes are significantly off. I live less than a mile from the airport, and it is completely unrealistic to believe that this storm dropped only 8.5 inches on Rochester. This is at LEAST 4 inches less than my conservative estimate, and many places to the south, west, east, and north of the airport are reporting totals 50 to 100% higher than this figure.

    I know it would be incredibly difficult to do, but what about a composite figure for all 5 GSB cities? Take the NWS airport numbers and add one or two reliable measures (local TV stations or governments) from a point as close to the urban center of each city. This would provide a more accurate assessment of the total snowfall for all GSB cities.

    Again, I thoroughly enjoy the website, I just feel that this is such an egregious deviation from reality that I needed to comment on it. Thank you again for all your hard work, don’t worry, I will keep reading (I’ll just add another 5 or so inches to the Rocs totals!)

    Patrick Chase

    • Thanks Patrick and I think a lot of folks from Rochester are adding a little extra also. It would be hard to do what you are suggesting I think but it is a good idea. Personally I think the people that do take the measurements get it pretty close or as close as possible a majority of the time. This happens in all of the cities including Syracuse where every now and then the numbers don’t make sense.

      I think that Bruce Hyde gave a pretty good explanation of what goes on at the airport and hard it can be at times. JMO

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