7 comments on “2010-11 cracks Binghamton’s Top 10 snowiest seasons

  1. Anon, I just took a look around and NOAA, the national weather service shows two different numbers for the 95 – 96 season.

    The stats that Stephen just posted for the top 10 and then they also show 134.0 in another section.

  2. Still a lot of cold in the forecast Grumpy. From about now until mid April is the toughest in my opinion because we get the teaser days, which I'll take of course and then back to the cold and snow.

    Anon, I'll leave that to Stephen. I'm sure he'll catch it 😉

    ZR, ya's broke a date record with 6.3 that went way back to 1965 and Buffalo did with 6.8 that went back to 1974 :) No doubt this has been a good season for sledding.

  3. you have not shown the 134.0 inch 1995-96 record for binghamton (which is shown in table on top) in the top 10 list in this post. the top in the latest post shows 131.0 something..

  4. and now we have a winter storm warning for the next 36 hours. 6-10" expected.


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