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Go Binghamton!  Binghamton has taken the lead in the Golden Snowball contest slipping past Rochester by a couple tenths of an inch of snow.  I saw some pictures earlier on the Binghamton National Weather Service Facebook page earlier and had a feeling that they may be the new leader.  WTG Binghamton :)

Speaking of the Binghamton National Weather Service they are giving an online class tonight at 7:00 PM.  The classes are very informative and they cover a lot including how to measure the snow and how to be a snow spotter which helps them out.  There may still be time to register so check it out if you have some time in a little bit.  Info is below from NOAA


Just a reminder that our second online winter weather spotter class is tonight starting at 7 PM.  You have to register if you want to join us.  You can do so here:  You must have a computer with internet access and a phone to participate.  -Erik.

It looks like Binghamton didn’t like being toward the bottom of the snow hill next to Albany and who can blame them.  Binghamton slipped past both Rochester and Buffalo to move into the second place slot.  Now we need one or more of the Golden Snowball cities to make a run at Syracuse to keep this seasons snow race close.

Syracuse picked up a little more snowfall to move them past the 60 inch mark on the season.  Buffalo and Rochester are snowing neck and neck being in a dead tie right now at 36.9 inches each.  Then there is Albany.  Ummm, enough said about Albany for the time being :)

The last I looked snow is suppose to be falling Wednesday in the North East so lets see if one of the cities can gain on Da’Cuse before we warm up again.

I’m going to try and get a top 10 update in today for the national snow contest over at .  It’s been a close contest all season and as of the last update Erie, Pa was leading and probably still is.

Have a Great Day Everyone 😉

Syracuse is still winning by just a few flakes and nearing the end of January the Golden Snowball trophy is still up for grabs.  To be honest I don’t think any of the 5 GSB cities really have an advantage right now which is kind of cool that it’s so close this far into the season.  I think it’s time to do a snow dance once again.  Only 2 per season and this is the last one so lets hope it works.  I’ll post after it’s over which will be in the next day or two.  As always, no media or photos allowed :)

I was just reading around and came across an article that Sean Kirst just put out a little while ago.  Those of you that visit here frequently each season know how much Sean loves our snow contest and is probably the biggest reason why our fun snow race is as popular as it is today.  Last year he even took me out on my Birthday.  Well not exactly out but he made me walk around the freezing snowy city streets, sit in a snow banks for hours to get a good picture and he even made me carry the Golden Snowball trophy the whole time.  OK, truth is it was all fun and neither one of us wanted to carry the trophy because we were both afraid we would drop and break it :(  True story!

Now that would have been a story for sure.  Headlines read “Oracle of Snow Contest Breaks Golden Snowball Trophy”.  Better yet “Award Winning Journalist Sean Kirst Says Oops as Trophy Crashes” . :)  I decided to be the brave one (like I had a choice) and carried it after our attemp to get Dennis Nett, the photographer to carry it failed.  All in all it was a blast though and a Birthday to remember.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, anyways Sean who is a journalist for the Post Standard and has an article out with his normal witty style and I love how Syracuse Mayor Miner took up a bet with Mayor Ryan of Binghamton.  All in fun and check out Sean’s article Here at . 

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It’s gonna be close as far as Stephen’s point blank forecast goes but I think if I were him I may want to do a snow dance and fast. 😉  See his predictions below!  Binghamton, the southern most city in the Golden Snowball contest is the first city to receive 12 inches of snow.  I was thinking a few of the cites would have hit that with what was in the forecast but that turned out to be a bust for all of the GSB cities.

It still looks like a couple of the cities can add to their totals but it’s not looking like a whole lot unless the LES gets going again.  For now Binghamton is looking pretty good to hold on to the lead for at least the overnight.

I saw my neighbor Jim loading his snowmobile onto his truck yesterday afternoon.  I’m guessing he wasn’t heading to Bingo but probably up north around Tug HIll or some place close to there where it looked like the snow was coming down.  Maybe Mexico?  Sooner or later it has to hit.  Err, it does have to snow sooner or later doesn’t it?  In the mean time head north my snow loving friends, head north :)

Have a GREAT Week All!

While I was dropping the ball here it looks like snow was dropping in Binghamton.  I just updated the stats and they have pushed Albany down the snow hill and are now on top.  Buffalo and Rochester made a move yesterday slipping past Syracuse who is now at the bottom of the hill.  WTG Binghamton!!!

Just about this time last season take a day or two was when it was non stop snow for some of the Golden Snowball cities.  Syracuse was starting to run away with the contest picking up 4 feet in a matter of days while Rochester, Binghamton and Buffalo were also picking up some decent snowfall.  Close to a couple of feet of snow.

Compared to last season, this season has been like a vacation in Florida for the big 3 cities.  Normally I would say like a vacation in Albany but they are ahead of the big 3 still and held the lead this season for quite awhile.  Now lets see how long Binghamton can stay on the top.  It should be interesting to see if Binghamton, Buffalo, Albany and The Rock have enough snowballs to throw to keep Syracuse at the bottom of the snow hill.

That all said there is only one thing left to do and it will be done sometime today or tonight.  It’s time for the Syracuse snow dance :)  I’m just not feeling that Christmas spirit yet and I think it’s to do with the lack of snow :(  Let’s see if a snow dance can maybe bring some of that white gold that’s falling up north down this way a bit.  If anyone talks to NYCO, remind her to put the Snow God out if she hasn’t yet.  It looks like Syracuse is going to have to pull out all the strings to get something going here.

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Binghamton has started up the golden snowball contest this season.  Way to go Bingo!!!  Albany kicked the snowfall season off last year but it wasn’t until around the 8th – 9th of November last season. 

Binghamton also started this years NY snow contest off in style.  They set a date record with 1.9 inches of snow reported so far today.  Nice!

So far Albany isn’t reporting for this evening so I’m not sure what’s going on there.  I have talked to a couple of people that live around the area and earlier said some snow was coming down.  Let the CNY Snow Game Begin :)